We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck mobile ad startup App Samurai used to raise millions for its Series A funding round


App Samurai team

  • The startup behind App Samurai, an in-app marketing tool for developers, has raised $2.4 million in a Series A funding round. 
  • App Samurai opened offices in the US, Germany and Israel last week – and plans to use the new money to boost its global presence. 
  • We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck that convinced backers at 212 Ventures and Collective Spark to invest. 
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App Samurai, a platform for marketing mobile apps, closed a $2.4 million Series A fundraising round last week, after being backed by 212 Ventures. 

The startup, founded in 2016, offers app developers access to its portfolio of products, which includes Interceptd, a fraud-prevention service, and Storyly, which allow users to deploy in-app stories, similar to Facebook or Snapchat.

App Samurai currently operates across nine cities globally, and last year opened offices in the US, Germany and Israel. CEO and co-founder Emre Fadillioglu said the new fundraising money would be used to boost App Samurai’s global presence. 

Emre Fadillioglu

“Our team’s curiosity and ambitious engineering culture are the main drivers of our growth as an independent and unbiased leader in mobile marketing and ad fraud prevention,” he said.

Ali H Karabey, co-founder and partner at 212 Ventures, added: “App Samurai’s product portfolio is designed to simplify sophisticated mobile marketing problems.

“The company’s dedication to scalable martech solutions, for which the market has an appetite, will drive their success.”

Here’s a look at App Samurai’s (redacted) pitch deck: