Google is issuing partial refunds of Nest subscriptions after some users were hit by a 17-hour malfunction of its home-security services


Nest CTO Yoky Matsuoka

  • Google is issuing a partial refund for Nest customers that were affected by a 17-hour-long security camera outage at the end of February..
  • A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that the company was refunding a month’s subscription to Nest Aware, worth about $5, to all users affected by the outage. 
  • Owners of Nest security cameras lost their livestream connection and recording capabilities for hours, after a server software update went wrong.  
  • The refunds follow an apology by Google Nest VP Rishi Chandra, issued in a blog post the next day. 
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Google Nest users affected by a 17-hour security camera outage at the end of February are getting a partial refund on their Nest subscriptions. 

Every user who lost access to recording video or viewing their camera livestream as a result of the malfunction that occurred during a planned Nest server software update will receive a free month’s subscription to Nest Aware, worth roughly $5,  a Google spokesperson told Business Insider. 

The subscription service is Google’s offering to the home-security market, allowing it to compete with Amazon’s Ring and professional security systems like ADIT. Users can typically monitor a livestream recorded by their Nest security cameras from their smartphones, record footage, and play it back later. 

But a software update gone wrong last month knocked out a range of Nest products, including Nest Cam, Nest Cam IQ, Nest Hello Doorbell, and the Nest Hub Max. Nest users were blocked from a variety of services including video-recording, viewing their camera’s livestream, video history, and time lapses. 

The refund follows an apology issued by Google VP Rishi Chandra, less than a day after the outage. 

“At Nest we’re committed to building products that give you the help you need. I apologize for not meeting those expectations today,” Chandra wrote in a blog post.

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