A huge collection of vintage Apple products and memorabilia is about to be auctioned off, including a Powerbook signed by Steve Jobs (AAPL)


Steve Jobs auction

  • A huge collection of Apple memorabilia is about to hit the auction block. 
  • The collection, which belonged to former Apple engineer Jerry Manock, includes items like a working Apple-1 computer, an Apple “Hero Award” medal, and t-shirts and sweatshirts from Manock’s time at Apple. 
  • There are also several items signed by Steve Jobs, like a Powerbook laptop and a bonus memo from 1983.
  • The online auction, hosted by auction house RR Auction, begins March 5.
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A slice of Apple history is about to hit the auction block. 

A massive collection of Apple gadgets and memorabilia will be up for sale in March at auction house RR Auction. The collection, which belonged to former Apple product design engineer Jerry Manock, includes everything from a fully functional Apple-1 computer to Apple beach towels. 

Titled “The Steve Jobs Auction,” the lot mostly includes items from the 1970s and 1980s. Several of the items up for grabs have rare Steve Jobs signatures. 

“Steve Jobs was a reluctant signer,” Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction, said in a statement. “He always asserted that his success was a result of team effort, and therefore often refused to give an autograph if the rest of his employees were not included.”  

Online bidding will begin on March 5 and wrap up March 12.

You can head over to RR Auction to view the full collection (or to place a bid yourself), but here’s a closer look at some of the coolest and most expensive items up for grabs. 

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A functioning Apple-1 computer from 1976, likely the most valuable item up for grabs. Another Apple-1, which was Apple’s first desktop computer, sold for $470,000 at auction last year.

Estimated value: $300,000

Source: CNBC

A 14″ x 11″ photograph of the Apple-1, signed by cofounder Steve Wozniak.

Estimated value: $200

A Macintosh Portable, Apple’s first battery-powered computer. The computer was largely considered a failure at the time, as it weighed as much as 15 pounds and cost more than $5,000.

Estimated value: $200

Source: Fast Company

A contract from 1977 to design the Apple II computer, signed by Steve Jobs.

Estimated value: $35,000

An Apple II poster from 1977. The posters were used for the West Coast Computer Fair in San Francisco, which is where Apple debuted the Apple II.

Estimated value: $1,800

Source: RR Auction

A Macintosh 128K, Apple’s first personal computer, from 1983. It has a plaque on the back that reads: “In Appreciation: Jerry Manock.”

Estimated value: $25,000

Manock’s bonus memo from 1983, signed by Jobs.

Estimated value: $10,000

A “Hero Award” medal Manock received in 1984. “Steve Jobs generously rewarded accomplishments that he valued,” Manock told RR Auction. “This award, given in front of the Mac Team, was another surprise. It was accompanied by, I think, a check for $5,000.”

Estimated value: $5,000

Source: RR Auction

A Macintosh PowerBook 190cs, a laptop with a color display released in 1995. It features another signature from Jobs on the back and the phrase “Happy Computing.”

Estimated value: $10,000

A set of seven Apple t-shirts. The red shirt, which was created by Apple staff, says “We Are Not Authorized to Comment on Unannounced Products” on the back.

Estimated value: $1,000

Source: RR Auction

A neon sign of Apple’s rainbow “bitten” logo from around 1989.

Estimated value: $2,000

A hoodie Apple’s staff wore right around the time Apple unveiled the Macintosh — and right before the famous “1984” Super Bowl commercial. The back of the sweatshirt reads “90 hrs/wk and loving it!”

Estimated value: $800

Source: RR Auction

A set of four Apple-made promotional beach towels.

Estimated value: $800

A promotional “Apple Watch.” The analog watch from 1998, which seemingly has no relation to today’s Apple Watch, had an Apple logo on the face along with the phrase “Think different.”

Estimated value: $400