6 points figured out from Hrithik-Katrina’s upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ teaser

23 July-2014, FP: So the ‘first-look’ poster of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang, with its mind-boggling Freudian implications, had already got us hooked to the film. We were hoping that the film’s trailer would throw some light on the set-piece of curious images that made up the poster. Granting us our wish, the film’s teaser has now been launched and here’s what we have figured from it.

6 points figured out from Hrithik-Katrina’s upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ teaser

6 points figured out from Hrithik-Katrina's upcoming film 'Bang Bang' teaser

– Hrithik Roshan can count backwards while grunting at the same time.

– He remains suspended mid-air through most parts of the film. He appears, first as a silhouette jumping from the top of one high-rise to another. Then he arises out of the sea, two jets of water propping him up. Oh come on, if you are reminded of a dolphin, put an immediate lid on your imagination – that man’s more pleasing to the eye than a mini Army of dolphins put together we’re sure!

– Katrina Kaif’s legs have an important role to play in the film. Now, before you offer a sexist argument that the same has been the backbone of her filmography, just hold on. We’re sure they have a bigger role to play in Bang Bang. Because in the first ten seconds, when Roshan is shown taking a tour of the city’s rooftops and cars are being blown up, there’s a fleeting shot of her legs in a printed mini. If that’s not a sign of a big role to come, we don’t know what is.

– Katrina and Hrithik should be brand ambassadors for any catastrophe-defying good hair-building shampoo. Katrina falls on the floor from a height, hair behaves itself. Katrina gets thrown around a car getting hammered with bullets, but hair behaves itself. Katrina, does a somersault on a bike and fires a gun… hair? still looks ramp-ready. Ditto for Hrithik. He hangs mid-air, jumps off cliffs, drives cars, shoots people and rolls on grime – but tchah. Hrithik’s hair is the real hero here, holding it’s own against the brutal forces of nature.

– This is a film for the desi car misanthrope. Many, and supremely gorgeous cars are driven around maniacally and eventually blown up. Rohit Shetty’s legacy of filmy destruction just got another endorsement.

– The film looks less like an official remake of Tom Cruise-starrer Knight and Day, more in an attempt to convince Yash Raj that Dhoom films can now do without Uday Chopra’s grin and Abhishekh Bachchan’s grumble.

Watch the teaser here: