The best Micro USB cables


  • Micro USB cables are still handy for charging up everything from phones and tablets to headphones and speakers.
  • The Anker PowerLine Micro USB cable is the best one you can buy, and it’s less than half the original price.

Although USB-C cables and connectors are becoming the standard for charging and data transfer, Micro USB is still prevalent. In fact, devices still rely on it — everything from budget phones and tablets to Bluetooth headphones and speakers — and it will be some time before they’re completely extinct.

The best part is that Micro USB cables are now much less expensive, even high-end options. Our top pick, the Anker PowerLine Micro USB cable, is now less than half its original price tag on Amazon, and it’s a durable cable from a well-known brand that we trust.

We’ve also rounded up the best super-long cable, the most durable, and a nifty retractable option that stretches from 2 to 33 inches.

Micro USB cables are affordable, but you should still opt for well-known brands to avoid any problems (like potentially frying a connected device) and ensure some longevity.

Here are the best Micro USB cables you can buy:

  • Best overall: Anker PowerLine Micro USB Cable
  • Best long Micro USB cable: AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon Micro USB Cable
  • Best durable Micro USB cable: Fuse Chicken Titan Micro USB Cable
  • Best retractable Micro USB cable: Cable Matters Retractable Micro USB Cable

Prices and links are current as of 02/28/2020. Replaced Fuse Chicken Titan Travel with Fuse Chicken Titan as our durable option. We are currently researching and testing products for the best universal and best multi-pack categories. Updated by Steven Cohen.

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The best Micro USB cable overall

The Anker PowerLine Micro USB cable now costs less than its original price, but it’s still the very best cord on the market.

You can’t beat Anker’s PowerLine Micro USB cables — especially now that they’re well-priced on Amazon. These cables check all the boxes: They’re fast to charge your devices or sync data, they’re durable, and they’re affordable.

The cable is strengthened with Kevlar, and the stress points near the Micro USB charger and the USB connector are reinforced for added durability. Anker bent the PowerLine cables more than 5,000 times during testing to ensure that they can survive life’s knocks.

The company also offers an 18-month warranty and it has a great reputation for following through when users have problems.

Anker’s PowerLine cables come with a Velcro tie to wrap up any extra cord length you don’t need. It also makes traveling with your cable easier. PowerLine cables also come in a variety of lengths to suit everyone’s needs, including 6 feet and 10 feet.

Although using these cables to charge your phone or tablet is the most obvious use case, you can also use Micro USB cables to charge a number of smart devices like Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, e-readers, and external battery packs.

Digital Trends, Android Central, and The Wirecutter all recommend Anker’s Micro USB cables.

Pros: Made from durable aramid fiber, 18-month warranty, fast charging, and it has reinforced stress points

Cons: None

The best long Micro USB cable

The 10-foot AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB solves the eternal problem of the short cable with plenty of length and strength.

If you’ve ever struggled with a short cord, you know the pain of being a few inches shy of the perfect amount of cable. The Double Braided Nylon USB cable from Amazon’s AmazonBasics brand is 10-feet long, which is long enough to cover for most distances. 

Besides length, what we also like is the tough braided exterior. In case it’s stepped on or accidentally pulled, you don’t risk damaging the wiring inside. Amazon claims that the nylon-braided housing can withstand 90-degree bends, up to 10,000 times. The connectors are also gold-plated for durability and strong performance.

The Double Braided Nylon USB cable supports USB 2.0, which has a theoretical 480-Mbps data transfer speed. Note that with cables this long, it won’t be as fast as shorter versions. But for regular charging of most devices, it is fine. 

Available in different colors, the Double Braided Nylon USB cable is backed by a one-year warranty, which is great because some Amazon shoppers said the cable failed after a short period of time. That not uncommon with cables in general, but in our usage, we found AmazonBasics cables to work well. It’s also available in shorter lengths.

Pros: 10-foot length, covered in sturdy braided fabric, one-year warranty

Cons: Some buyers complained cable fails after a short period of time

The best durable Micro USB cable

The Fuse Chicken Titan Micro USB Cable survived chainsaw attacks to be the most durable cable in town.

Cables can be so fragile, but luckily, there’s a new, nearly indestructible Micro USB cable available for your Micro USB chargeable devices. The Fuse Chicken Titan cord is so tough that its creators literally took a chainsaw to it, and it survived. 

Fuse Chicken’s cable is covered in two layers of flexible steel, so it’s tough and stiff.  You can twist it into any shape or tie it in knots.

The company offers a limited lifetime warranty, so if you do find a way to break it through normal use, you may be able to get it replaced. Obviously, if you deliberately try to kill it with power tools or fire, Fuse Chicken won’t reimburse you.

You can currently get the cable in a 3-foot option, which should be enough for basic charging needs. A shorter travel version has been available in the past, but is currently out of stock.

Pros: Made from industrial-grade, flexible high-strength steel, lifetime guarantee, super tough

Cons: Short length 

The best retractable Micro USB cable

The Cable Matters Retractable Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable can be any length you want from 2 inches to 33 inches, and it will never tangle.

If you’re sick of tangled up cords, you may want to check out the Cable Matters Retractable Micro USB cable. The cool retractable design snaps back from 33 inches to a mere 2 inches, so you can store it easily in your bag without ending up with a tangled cord.

The cable charges and syncs just like every other Micro USB cord in our guide. It uses gold-plated connectors with “molded strain relief” to ensure that its cables are durable and high performing. The retractable cable supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps.

The current bundle includes two of the retractable cables. You can have one at home and one in your work or travel bag, so that you’re never caught without a charging cable again. 

Retractable cables are particularly helpful for travelers, and it’s nice to be able to decide what length of cord you need for different situations. 

If you’re not happy with it, Amazon offers a 30-day return policy and Cable Matters has a lifetime limited warranty in case your cable is defective.

Pros: Retractable, one-year warranty, 2-pack is a great deal, and support for Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer

Cons: Retractable cables aren’t as strong