How to delete a listing on Airbnb, or snooze or temporarily unlist it instead


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  • You can delete a listing on Airbnb if you no longer wish to rent out your property on the rental platform.
  • If you deactivate a listing from Airbnb, it’s still best practice to honor any bookings made before shuttering the property.
  • Temporarily unlisting your property will remove it from Airbnb indefinitely, but allow you to relist the rental at any time.
  • You can also opt to snooze listings for a set period of time, in case you want to use a property yourself or simply don’t want to manage your rental for a while.
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If you’ve decided to sell a property or move back into the place you have listed as a rental on Airbnb, you have several options at your disposal.

If you want to stop renting out your property for a specific period of time, such as when you’ll use it yourself for a vacation or can’t manage the property, you should use the snooze option.

Here’s how. 

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How to snooze a listing on Airbnb

1. To snooze an Airbnb property for a fixed period of time, navigate to the “Your Listings” page on your Mac or PC and find the property you want to snooze. 

How to delete a listing on Airbnb

2. Then, click the three dots to the right of the property and select “Edit.”

3. Click “Listing Status” and then “Edit.”

4. On the “Listing Status” page select “Change Status” and set it to “Snoozed.” 

5. Enter the dates that you’d like to snooze your property for and then hit “Save.”

How to delete a listing on Airbnb, or unlist it

To indefinitely unlist a property, or permanently delete a rental, navigate to the Listing Status section of your property, as depicted above. 

However, when you click “Change Status,” instead of selecting snooze, choose “Unlist” or “Deactivate.” Follow the prompts to finish deleting your listing. 


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