Cisco unveils a new security platform to address companies' top cybersecurity challenges


Cisco SecureX 2020

  • Security professionals must keep pace with evolving business needs while staying ahead of ever-changing threats
  • Most companies work with different security products that aren’t integrated with one another, creating inefficiencies.
  • Cisco’s SecureX platform helps to solve the complexity problem.

Managing complex multivendor environments is a reality for companies today — and it’s become chief information security officers’ (CISO) worst enemy. To help solve this problem, Cisco has developed SecureX, a cloud-native platform that increases the productivity of security teams. SecureX unifies visibility, identifies unknown threats, and automates workflows to strengthen customers’ security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications.

Given the growth of 5G, cloud, and IoT, companies are fully embracing digital transformation to accelerate their business. CISOs must now protect their mobile workforce anywhere, on any device, while trying to keep every part of their security environment secure.

A constantly evolving threat landscape

Security teams must empower the organization to move quickly in this new dynamic environment, but also provide a secure environment for all of their constituents.

Historically security teams would buy additional point products to cover each new threat category. But today CISOs are facing a security marketplace that is crowded with multiple standalone products that don’t integrate. In fact, while the number of vendors in customers’ environments is falling, 13% of companies still have more than 20 vendors, according to Cisco’s 2020 CISO Benchmark Study. The proliferation of new solutions does more to undermine effective cyber risk management than support it.

Organizations have done their best to integrate a functioning security infrastructure, but incompatible interfaces, steep learning curves, and siloed communication are limiting interoperability. Making these systems work together is a constant struggle that requires hard-to-find expertise.

For decades, organizations have fought against a shortage of security experts, a talent gap that leaves their teams focused on dealing with the daily barrage of security events instead of looking for vulnerabilities in their environment. Burdening teams with even more tools and methodologies only exacerbates the problem, but there’s often no clear alternative … until now.

How Cisco’s new platform approach can simplify security 

Cisco SecureX platform

Cisco SecureX provides a consistent experience that is embedded in every Cisco product you already have and simply integrates with non-Cisco products in your environment. It draws information from them and uses it to create new insights for security teams of any size. It offers unified visibility across Cisco Security products and the rest of your security infrastructure in one place and helps teams collaborate on investigations.

With Cisco SecureX, an investigation begins with an alert on your screen. Clicking on it expands a ribbon that shows aggregated and enriched event data that provides fast, detailed intelligence. You’ll see a summary of the alert, related events, information about the targeted device, who it’s assigned to, and associated network traffic behavior.

Cisco SecureX doesn’t just spot emerging threats early. It also enables security teams to automate workflows — from investigation with shared context to response actions across multiple control points. Operatives can kick off a predefined series of mitigation steps for particular threat types to get ahead of the situation quickly. Cisco SecureX brings team members together quickly, showing them the threat mitigation playbooks that were automatically run so that everyone understands the state of play.

Other benefits of Cisco SecureX

Cisco SecureX’s unique blend of aggregated intelligence and coordinated response is the perfect remedy for multi-vendor environments. It empowers security teams, strengthening security across the entire infrastructure, including the cloud. It offers speed, allowing you to realize desired outcomes with a lower overhead and advancing your security maturity with existing resources. And it offers breadth. Its extensive product coverage enables you to respond across every control point, minimizing the chance that you’ll miss important data or threat components. It also offers accuracy, thanks to a mixture of policy validation and automation that ensures a consistent predefined response to every threat.

Cisco SecureX also expands the security team’s influence, enabling them to work more closely with IT and network operations. This spreads the workload and delivers valuable insights that these other teams care about. In the battle against online threats, SecOps, ITops, and NetOps need to work together.

Finally, it offers visibility into more than just your infrastructure, detailed analytics on the security team’s performance, delivering valuable insights such as the number of investigations, the time taken to remediate them, and what threats your Cisco Security portfolio has helped you avoid.

Cisco SecureX is a force multiplier that makes your existing Cisco Security products more powerful by feeding them more information about your infrastructure. In an environment where SecOps teams struggle to have enough time to secure the business — and the CISO wants security to enable, not block, new business endeavors — it offers a valuable advantage against online attackers.

Learn how Cisco SecureX can help simplify your security.

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