Amazon's 'Hunters' creator says he has ideas for 5 seasons of the new TV series starring Al Pacino



  • “Hunters” creator David Weil told Business Insider he has enough ideas for five seasons of the new Amazon series about Nazi-killing vigilantes. 
  • Weil said that it was important that the series had a “vision toward the future” as he was trying to sell it to potential buyers.
  • He wrote a spec script and an 80-page series bible five years ago that detailed the character backstories and the entire first season, and also included details for future seasons.
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For those who have already finished “Hunters” — Amazon’s new drama about Nazi-killing vigilantes in 1970s US starring Al Pacino and Logan Lerman — and are hungry for more, its creator has good news.

“I have at least five seasons’ worth of ideas of where I see the series going, and I certainly know the ending of the series,” David Weil, the show’s creator and coshowrunner, told Business Insider.

Weil wrote an 80-page series bible and spec script for “Hunters” five years ago before he shopped it to potential buyers. The bible included specific details about character backstories and everything that would happen in the first season, along with ideas for future seasons.

“Really anything that would be asked about the show, I wanted to have an answer for, or any fear that a buyer would have I wanted to be able to address,” Weil said.

Amazon has yet to announce a season two renewal, but Weil said that conceiving of a show with “legs” and a “vision toward the future” was important for selling the series. It worked, as Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke bought it after another network had passed, Weil said.

“She saw something really special in this piece, so Jordan [Peele] and I were so thrilled to call Amazon home,” Weil said. “They’ve supported the vision. It was a long ride with ups and downs, but ultimately a wonderful result.”

Peele, an executive producer on the series, was already on board before Amazon came along. Weil and Peele (who directed “Get Out” and “Us”) shared the same agent and after the two met, Weil sent Peele his pilot script for “Hunters.”

“He’s a champion for underrepresented stories,” Weil said of Peele. “So he came on and just from day one of this journey he’s been such a champion. He’s pushed me to be bold and brave and just have confidence.”

Weil said that the best piece of advice Peele gave him was to lean into the boldness of the series.

“People are afraid to make content about incredibly sensitive or difficult subject matter,” Weil said. “I think the boldest storytellers are the ones who take that chance and risk. Stories about the Holocaust are some of the most important stories to tell, but I think a lot of buyers caution against it because it’s not safe or easy.”

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