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AAP star candidate Bhagwant Mann questions Modi govt on ‘Acche din’

Mumbai, 22 July-2014, Apoorva Rao/DNA:  Who knew a catchy political slogan could turn so quickly into a haunting nightmare for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

AAP star candidate Bhagwant Mann questions Modi govt on ‘Acche din’

AAP star candidate Bhagwant Mann questions Modi govt on 'Acche din'

The party, which rode into a historic Lok Sabha victory two months ago with the slogan, ‘Acche Din Aane Wale He’  is probably regretting the use of the phrase, especially when having a witty comedian in the opposition.

Turning a phrase would come easily to comedian Bhagwant Mann, AAP’s star candidate from Punjab who won the 2014 Lok Sabha election from Sangrur.

Mann used all his professional skills to question the Narendra Modi government in the parliament. He directly addressed Arun Jaitley on the Budget​ who did poorly in Punjab this elections by losing to Captain Amarinder Singh. What he did differently was that he used poetry to make his point.

Surely the parliament has had MPs using poetry to raise and address questions, but Mann used the medium effectively that induces not only laughter but paints a stark image of the challenges of the government faces and what little they did for fight it.

You first hiked railway prices
Then came the turn of oil prices

You kept complaining (about inflation) for 10 years
Now in power, you immediately raised price of sugar by Rs 2 per kg

You are deceiving the common man by selling dreams

Speaker Sir,
People are no longer scared of China but of Cheeni (sugar)

The world has landed on the moon,
And the government is on honeymoon

The chaiwallas of the nation will ask (an indirect dig at PM Narendra Modi)
Will the inflation result into empty tea-cups

All people ask is two meals a day
Government please tell us when will the good days come? (Achche Din Kab Aayenge)

They don’t seem to know the location of Iraq
As Indian were stranded in Iraq, Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj went to Dhaka

Couldnt the Foreign Ministry go to Bangladesh after ten days?
Instead of Kandahar, couldn’t the Foreign Affairs Minister’s plane land in Bagdad?

I would say, our countrymen are pretty brave
That they raise children in the days of inflation
Looters just count the numbers
Please government tell us Acche Din Kab Aane Aale He


The bullet train came in my dreams last night
I said congratulations,
Heard you are coming to my country
That you would speed up the progress of my nation
The bullet train said,
I have no complaints with the cows or buffaloes,
I only run on electricity, not from gobar gas

PM Modi’s speeches won admiration from the people
There is just one problem Speaker Sir
Just 50 days left to retrieve black money from foreign havens

We are Aam Aadmi Party
We were beaten with sticks by all governments
We have held morchas on streets and in Parliament
We only demanding to an answer to
When will the good days come? (Achche Din Kab Aane Wale Hain)

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