5 Home Improvement Projects For The Upcoming Winters

Winter is a great time for home improvement and maintenance projects. During this time, contractors have fewer projects as most of the homeowners are busy celebrating the holiday season with their families. Thus, contractors can pay more attention to your projects. It will be further beneficial as your project will complete on time. Plus, if you are planning to sell your home in summers, then winter is the right time to start the preparation.

The following are the best winter home improvement projects that can make your home look fresh.

  1. Insulate ducts, attic and foundation – If in the chilling winters you don’t want the heated air to move outside or the cold air to move inside, then proper insulation is crucial. Attic, ducts and foundation are the important areas where you need to insulate your home. So, it is recommended to hire an insulation contractor. He can better tell you about how much and what kind of insulating material do your house demand.

This home improvement project can be extremely advantageous in saving your money by lowering the energy bills.

  1. Replace windows and doors – If you have old doors and windows in your home, then this project can be highly profitable. Window and door replacement can boost the resale value, energy efficiency and curb appeal of your home. Professional window and door replacement company can better guide you in selection and installation. So, hire an experienced and knowledgeable professional to get the job done right.
  2. Paint the interior – Another home improvement project that can add to the value and beauty of your home is applying the new layer of paint. Extreme temperatures will not hinder your painting team, and because the winter is considered the off-season, you probably won’t face scheduling delays.

In case you are confused about which paint color to select for the interior of your house, then take the help of a professional painter. Because of the right knowledge and experience, a pro can give you the best suggestion.

  1. Check cracks around the house – Check your home’s outer walls, vents, windows, doors and other openings for cracks. Air can seep in and out of these cracks, and your house may lose the treated air. Sealing all the cracks and leaks can save almost 15% of your heating and cooling costs. Thus, this project is not only crucial for winters but summers too.

Moreover, the cracks look unappealing and reduce the sale value of your home. So, it is highly recommended to cover all the cracks this winter. Otherwise, they will get worse with time.

  1. Replace old interior lighting – As less daylight is available in winters, replacing old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs would be a great idea. Hire a licensed electrician to replace the bulbs and lighting fixtures. The new fixtures and LED bulbs will lower your energy bills and will increase the resale value of your home.