Pros Of Installing Cork Flooring

People had been using cork flooring for decades, but it has recently come into vogue because it is a green renewable resource and you will not have to go through the guilt of using fine hardwoods from old-grown trees or tropical rainforests.

The cork oak tree provides the cork for manufacturing of cork floors, and it is harvested periodically from the living trees in plantations planted for commercial purposes. For creating flooring products, cork is ground up, compressed, and formed into sheets bonded with resins.

Cork Flooring has become trendy, and people are installing cork floors in some places in their house for aesthetic appeal. Cork flooring comes with various advantages, and they are discussed below:

Soft Cushion-like Surface:

Cork floors are different from vinyl or hardwood floors because when you place your feet above it, it gives a soft and cushion-like effect. Cork floors are essential for rooms where you have to stand for long hours, such as the kitchen.

Kids are safe on cork flooring since they will not injure themselves if they accidentally trip and fall while playing. This makes it an excellent choice for older residents and children’s rooms prone to falling.

A Good Insulator for Sound and Heat:

A piece of cork is formed of many tiny air-filled chambers from inside. Therefore, they act a barrier for transmission of noise that affects the peace of a place. It reduces noise levels to be transmitted from the floor to the ceiling below.

Cork flooring helps in energy efficiency by saving your money on heating and cooling bills. It will insulate your room from heating in summers and keeping it warm in winters. It has R-value equal to 1.125, whereas materials like ceramic tiles have only 0.250. R-value is referred to as Resistance to the transfer of thermal energy.

Cork can be Refinished:

The surface of cork floors can be refinished just as that of wooden floors to give it a fresh new look. The process involves sanding the cork for reducing imperfections; then staining or re-applying the finish sealer to the surface. Sanding can be done several times depending upon the thickness of the floor.

It is Hypoallergenic and has Antimicrobial Properties:

Corks are resistant to dust and other small particles, unlike carpets. They are easy to clean and maintain since they tend to promote higher indoor air quality.

Cork contains a waxy substance called suberin that has the property of naturally repelling small vermin and insects. This makes cork floors resistant to the colonization and growth of these organisms, which promotes a healthy environment.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Installing cork floors is easy since they have the adhesive that sticks itself to the floors. This is known as peel and stick operation. You can provide finishing by using sealers and if the flooring gets damaged, simply lift them up and replace them.

To clean such floors, all you need is a vacuum or sweeping to remove small grit and dirt particles. However, spills can be cleaned using a damp cloth as a wipe.