5 casino games that women love to play

The betting industry has only been on an upward growth curve, with more and more people becoming a direct or indirect part of it.

We get to know about many famous people who have betting addiction. However, most people involved in the casino world will have noticed that in the case of offline casino games, the ratio of men and women is extremely disproportionate. While we are not going into why that has been the scenario worldwide, it is important to note, that this situation is slowly but gradually changing. While online betting is not legal in a few countries, it is legal in more than 70 countries, and with the advent of online casino games, there has also been a monumental rise in the participation of women. But like most everything, any type of classification follows from a particular pattern.


As many states have now legalized online betting, and with greater accessibility to the internet, there will be an impact of that on the future of gaming online. As for example the most popular Casino games among Indians, according to the available statistics are Teen Patti, Mini Flush, Blackjack etc. Similarly, women casino players as per statistics have a set of favourite games. Here are the top Casino games favoured by women.

  1. Roulette

Roulette, as a casino game goes back ages, and now, with it being available online, many women are also trying their hands at it. This fairly simple game does not demand a complicated strategy and game plan and also has the advantage of giving great returns even on a relatively small bet. Bets, in Roulette, are placed either on single numbers on a variety of categories based in if the numbers are red or black, odd or even and high (19-36) or low (1-18). Most online casino sites, which offer roulette offer both the American and the European versions.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easiest card games when it comes to the casino, and a lot of women are known to play this game as well as win it. It is one of the beginner level games and statistics also show that in many cases women have consistently performed better at blackjack then men, as their capacities to formulate strategies at different and often times better. Blackjack, which is the American version of the banking game twenty-one, has proved to be of

  1. Craps

Craps is yet another online casino game, which is a clear favourite amongst the women where they have to place bets on the outcome of the pair of dice rolled, or a series of rolls. They beta are usually placed either against each other or against the bank. It is fast paced, overall enjoyable and a must in all casino settings. Studies show that women are more often than not better at craps than men and end up as the biggest winners at the table.

  1. Pokies

Pokies are one of the top-paying slots machine-based casino games which are offered online and attract millions of players across the globe. Statistics indicate that pokies is indeed common with women where the only strategies necessary are common sense and the basic knowledge of the rules. Are they different to slot machines? Pokies can basically be of three types- regular, progressive and 3-reel classical machines. Regular pokies have winning values which are fixed progressive pokies are ones where the jackpot grows gradually, every time the player places bets and classical pokies, also known as the fruit machines have three reels of fruit themed symbols and the seven symbol that normally has a fixed jackpot prize.

  1. Poker

Poker for ages has been a card game which was extremely male dominated. However, this demographic is changing extremely rapidly as more and more female players are joining the ambit of poker. With poker being offered as an online game, the number of women playing it has also gone up. Much of their success has come from the wrong assumption by men that women don’t have the required skill set or capacity to play a good hand of poker, a game where strategy and intuition go hand in hand. It has been reported that many times it has so happened that male players have realized how good their women counterparts were only after they won all of their chips.

Like in all spheres, social, political, economic as well as cultural, there is a shove towards equality of the sexes. Betting, a world which had been almost closed off for the males, are now being explored by women and the number of female players who regularly take part in online casino games is on the rise.