How to change your Spotify password in 2 ways, and keep your account as secure as possible


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  • You can easily change your Spotify password by accessing your account through the Spotify website.
  • You can’t change your password using either the mobile or desktop Spotify apps — you have to use a browser.
  • You can also reset your password completely by clicking the “Forgot my password” option when logging into your Spotify account in the app.
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Spotify members are currently unable to change their usernames — but you can change your password at any time.

Unfortunately, you can’t make this change in the mobile and desktop apps. To freely change your Spotify password, you’ll need to use an internet browser.

You can also always reset your password by clicking “Forgot My Password” when logging in, or by heading to this official password reset page. 

Here’s how to change your Spotify password. 

How to change your Spotify password through the website

1. Open the Spotify website in your browser of choice. Log in with your current password if you haven’t already.

2. Once you’ve logged in, click on your profile picture and name in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Click “Account.”

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4. This will bring you to your account overview. Scroll down until you see the third tab in the left sidebar: “Change password.” It’ll be labeled with a lock icon.

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5. Enter your current password and your new password.

6. Click the green “Set new password” button when you’re ready to make the change.

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The next time you open Spotify on your phone or computer, you may be logged out and asked to enter your new password.

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