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'What's Happening Is Sad': Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Expresses Concern Over CAA

Voicing his concerns over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act, Microsft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday said that what is happening in the country is “sad”.

With the comment, the Indian-origin American became the first CEO of an international to speak on the contentious Act. He was speaking to the editors at a Microsoft event in Manhattan.

He was asked to share his opinion on the CAA which will grant citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

“I think what is happening is sad… It’s just bad…. I would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant who comes to India and creates the next unicorn in India or becomes the next CEO of Infosys,” Nadella was quoted as saying by Ben Smith, the Editor-in-Chief of New York-based BuzzFeed News.

He also said that technology and immigration played a crucial role in his career and wished that happened to him in the US should also be implemented in India.

Nadella, a native of Hyderabad in India, has been CEO of Microsoft since February 2014. His comments come as protests continue in different parts of India against the contentious CAA.

Hours later Microsoft India released a statement from Satya Nadella which read: “Every country will and should define its borders, protect national security and set immigration policy accordingly. And in democracies, that is something that the people and their governments will debate and define within those bounds.

“I’m shaped by my Indian heritage, growing up in a multicultural India and my immigrant experience in the United States. My hope is for an India where an immigrant can aspire to found a prosperous start-up or lead a multinational corporation benefitting Indian society and the economy at large.”

The Centre last week issued a gazette notification announcing that the CAA has come into effect from January 10, 2020.

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