Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An Architect 

Selecting an architect is a crucial decision of the home building process. Most of the people interview two to three architects before hiring the one. And it is important too! Because the architect that you will select will design your dream home. So, you have to hire the one who is experienced and reliable.

Further, while searching for an architect, there is a set of questions that you should ask them. Getting answers to these questions will help you in knowing if the architect is skilled and trustworthy or not. Want to know what those important questions are? Then read on!

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  1. Do you have references? 

It is very crucial to ask the architect about his/her previous clients. Getting the references, you can talk to past clients and see if the architect treated them in the right way or not. You can ask about how the entire process went and if they faced any problem while working with the architect.

However, if the architect denies giving references, then there is something fishy, or the previous clients were not satisfied with the services. So, you better look for some other architect who happily provides you with the reference list.

  1. How does the whole design process work? 

Typically, the architectural design process is divided into four parts, i.e. programming, schematic design, design development, and construction drawings. However, every architect has his way of managing the process. So, it is crucial to understand how the professional will carry your work. This will also give you a fair idea about how skilled and capable the architect you are planning to hire is.


  1. What experience do you have in my kind of project? 

Every project is unique in itself. It is because the needs and lifestyle of every homeowner are different. Moreover, the design guidelines are different for different zones, cities and countries. So, you need to make sure that the architect has worked on a project similar to yours. It can prove to be really helpful if your architect already knows the ins and outs of working in your area.

  1. What is your fee structure? 

Different architects use different fee structures to charge for their services. Make sure to compare the costing and services architects before finalizing one. However, don’t go for cheaper services, as the quality of work will be compromised to a great extent.

  1. What are the important issues and challenges of my project? 

Asking this question, you will get a bigger picture of your architect and his/her knowledge. An experienced architect will easily analyze and spot the potential problems that he/she may have to face while working on your project.

  1. Who will manage my project? 

If the professional you are talking to is busy in the upcoming days, then your project will be handled by someone else from their team. Make sure to meet that person and see if he/she is capable of doing your job. Check their availability and accessibility before hiring them.