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Sony just surprised everyone by unveiling an electric concept car that has a massive entertainment system and can park itself (SNE)

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  • Sony just showed off its electric concept car, the Vision-S, at CES 2020.
  • The concept envisions a future in which cars are constantly updating as new software becomes available.
  • The Vision-S has interior and exterior sensors for comfort and safety.
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Sony unexpectedly unveiled its first concept car, and it’s already getting buzz for some innovative features.

The Vision-S, which the Japanese electronics-maker debuted at CES 2020, presents a futuristic model of an electric car focused on passenger comfort and safety, while leaving the actual mechanics of driving to the car itself. 

Features like automated valet parking will feel like a godsend to anyone who dreads parallel parking, while each seat’s individual speakers will instantly end road trip fights about what music to listen to.

Right now, the car is only a prototype, so we don’t know if it will ever actually be available to purchase. In the meantime, check out some of the features of the Vision-S.

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Sony’s Vision-S prototype is a concept of a vehicle that continuously evolve. It will be connected to the internet, and its software will update as soon as it becomes available.

Sony envisions a world where the driver would be able to summon the car to her location, adjust all internal controls, and even have music from her earbuds seamlessly continue playing once inside the car.

The car has LIDAR sensors, which use pulses of light to detect objects and determine how far away they are.

It has 33 sensors in total inside and outside the car.

The car will have advanced cruise control that will allow it to follow a car on the highway at a safe distance.

It’ll also have valet parking assistance.

Sony calls the sensors’ 360-degree monitoring a “safety cocoon.”

As an additional safety measure, internal sensors will monitor facial expressions and body language to gauge concentration and alertness. Sony says that the sensors are also for comfort, and will adjust the temperature as needed.

In the future, Sony predicts that the interior of cars will “evolve into a comfortable environment, like the space inside a living room” as autonomous vehicles advance.

A panoramic screen and internet-connected vehicle will allow passengers to watch movies or videos while they travel.

Each seat will have individual speakers, so passengers can listen on their own music, or all share the same media.

The cars’ sensors will have AI built in, so the car will evolve to better accommodate the driver.

Sony says its electric vehicle platform will be able to support other types of vehicles, like SUVs.

With all-wheel drive and the ability to comfortably fit four passengers, the Vision-S seems like a surprisingly practical choice, if it ever becomes available.

The car’s maximum speed is 149 mph, and it can go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds.

Right now, this is just a concept car, so it’s unclear if it will ever actually exist, but it does provide an interesting look at what manufacturers are thinking for the future.