How to delete a language on your Duolingo iPhone app using a computer



  • You can delete a language from your Duolingo iPhone app if you have too many languages cluttering the app, but you can only do so using a computer. 
  • Since Duolingo updated its mobile app and website, you can no longer delete a language from your phone directly. 
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Duolingo is a popular language-learning app, widely known for its simple lessons, signature owl mascot, and insistent, sometimes vaguely harrowing notifications and reminders. 

Some people use Duolingo casually, to learn the basics of a language before they travel somewhere. Others use it every day to keep up with a language they already know, or to learn a brand new one.  

Once you download Duolingo, it is tempting to try to learn a bunch of different languages, or to hop from one to the next. All that hopping can eventually leave your home screen cluttered.

The good news is you can easily delete a language from the Duolingo app, but you can’t do it from the app itself — you’ll have to use a computer to do it. Also you should note that deleting a course can’t be undone — once you delete it, if you want to add it back again, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Here’s how to delete a language from the Duolingo iPhone app using your computer.

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How to delete a language on the Duolingo iPhone app

1. Open the Duolingo website on your PC or Mac.

2. Log into your account. 

3. In the top right corner, hover your profile picture. In the menu that appears, under Account, click Settings.

How to delete a language on Duolingo on iPhone   1

4. On the sidebar on the right of the screen, click “Learning Language.”

5. Click “Reset or remove languages” written in gray under the “SEE ALL LANGUAGE COURSES” button.

How to delete a language on Duolingo on iPhone   2

6. Select the language you’d like to delete, then press the red “REMOVE” button.

How to delete a language on Duolingo on iPhone   3


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