'Does Uber allow dogs?': It does, but it also depends on the driver


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  • Uber does allow dogs generally in Uber rides, unless your individual driver says no. The company as a whole has no pet bans, and leaves discretion up to the driver.
  • Service dogs and other certified assistance animals are always allowed in Ubers.
  • Dogs and other pets are generally banned from any Uber trips where multiple riders are pooled together, with service animals of course exempted.
  • People who want to ride with their dogs and other pets also have the option to use Uber Pets, a service that matches customers with drivers who accept pets for an extra fee. 
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If you have a service dog that helps you get through your everyday life, then you can by all means bring that pup into any Uber as well as onto the bus, the subway, into stores, and so on.

Myriad local, state, and federal laws mandate the allowance of service animals wherever their owners go, and of course Uber is no different.

Uber does allow dogs generally, but it leaves the final say to individual drivers

Here’s the thing: Uber is also cool with you bringing your dog along just because you really like bringing your dog along, no service status needed. Uber does not ban dogs (or other animals) from its fleet. The company does, however, allow drivers to decide for themselves whether or not they will permit a dog in their car.

Does Uber allow dogs

So go ahead and schedule your next Uber to be a multi-species ride, because dogs are welcome alongside their paying human friends.

And note that a new initiative, Uber Pet, connects customers with drivers who are always happy to accept animals along with their human riders. As of now, Uber Pet rides will come with a modest added fee of $3 to $5 to each ride.

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