8 Comparison Shopping Tools To Get The Best Deals Online


Using a shopping tool that compares prices is one of the best ways to find deals online. Instead of visiting several websites to check prices on the same item, you can have a comparison shopping tool to do all the work for you.

Price checking services come in two forms – websites and apps. Depending on where you’re shopping and when you want to do the price comparison, you should choose either a comparison shopping website or app. 

A comparison shopping tool might have you scan a barcode, type the product name, or browse for items through a menu. Some will auto-recognize the price on the page and suggest other sites to buy it from.

No matter how they work, these are the best price checker tools to get the absolute best deals online.


This comparison shopping tool is an automatic price checker that saves you money while you shop by telling you exactly where else you can get the item for a cheaper price. It works as an extension in Chrome and Safari and as an app on iOS and Android.

This free price comparison tool works on major sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, and others. Just click one of the lower priced items to go straight to that website to finalize the purchase.


PriceBlink is another Chrome extension that performs price comparisons automatically as you shop. It checks prices against a whopping 11,000 other stores to make sure you always get the lowest price.

When a lower price is found, a pop-up displays at the top of the screen that provides a link to the website that offers the item at the lowest price. There’s also a Compare Prices menu you can click to see what it costs at other stores.

Google Shopping

While you could use Google’s search engine to check prices, it’s not as specific as their Google Shopping tool. Search for anything or browse departments to see prices across dozens of stores.

Google Shopping includes relevant filtering tools, lets you sort products by review score and price, and can monitor prices to alert you if it drops.


Shopping.com is an eBay-owned website that’s similar to Google Shopping: search for something to see how the price compares across multiple companies. You can also browse through categories to find health and beauty supplies, home and garden products, electronics, and more.

You can toggle the free shipping and/or on sale filters to see only those items. There’s also a price sorter and several other filters to help you find the exact product you’re looking for.

Every results page is different depending on the product you’re looking for, but some of the stores that Shopping.com will compare prices between include Dell, Northern Tool, eBay, Groupon, Crutchfield, Brownells, and KaTom.


Shopzilla is another comparison shopping tool that compares prices between Amazon, Walmart, and lots of other stores. The website is a bit outdated, but it works just fine and even lets you quickly include shipping and taxes costs in the prices by having you enter your ZIP code.

Like most price check websites, Shopzilla lets you filter the results by price range, brand, and store, and depending on the product you’re looking at, other criteria like screen size, features, material, and color.


GoodRx is a perfect price comparison tool if you need to find the best deal on prescriptions. Just enter the drug name into the search box for a simple list of what it costs at various stores, including Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, Dillons Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Target, and others.

You can get really specific with these searches to include the pill type (like tablet), dosage amount, number of servings, and more.


Pricepirates is interesting because it compares prices across multiple sites by literally displaying each website’s results on the same page. Essentially, it merges the results you’d see on those sites, making it super easy to see how their prices compare.

You can use the website to find deals or you can download the app for Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.


ShopMania is another option for a free comparison shopping tool. This website is especially easy to use because the prices are listed right next to each other and you can clearly see the website that the offer is available on.

ShopMania lets you search by keyword or browse their website for products to compare prices for. You can sort a list of offers by popularity or view the cheapest items at the top for the largest savings.

Other Ways to Find Online Deals

As you can see, all of these comparison shopping tools work differently, but they’re definitely not the only ones out there. Given how popular online shopping is, it’s no surprise that there are lots of ways to save money online.

Some other product search engines and price check sites and apps that didn’t quite make this list include 

  1. Become.com
  2. ShopSavvy
  3. MyCartSavings
  4. PriceCheckHQ 

Also see our list of the best apps for finding travel deals if that’s what you’re looking for. You can also create price alerts to stay on top of dropping prices, and find coupons and earn cash back while shopping.