A Complete Guide to Custom-Home Building

Nothing is as exciting as watching your perfect piece of land coming to life. It is like embarking on a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, and how you wish to live.

Constructing a custom home is more than building four walls and a roof. From picking out your favorite location to building and designing it to represent your taste, style, and needs; there is a lot of involvement required on your part.


The task to build a custom home is admittedly a complicated one; however, with the help of the following guide, you can be on track and complete the construction in time.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Site

Searching for the right lot is the first step to have a home of your dreams. While you can purchase a pre-built property and renovate it as required, the freedom to design it as you wish may be very limited. On the other hand, custom building a house offers a great degree of personalization and you can construct it just the way you want.

To select the best home site, consider factors like the orientation of the property, amount of acreage, location in the community, whether it is gated or non-gated, etc.

2. Contact an Experienced Builder

After shortlisting your site, find a reliable custom home builder in your city that listens to you and understands your vision. Search online or take references from your family, friends, or relatives. Get in touch with the potential builder’s previous clients and visit them in person to take a look at the finished projects.

It is recommended to contact multiple builders and take written estimates from them. That will help you get the best work and a cost-effective deal.

3. Work Out an Efficient Floor Plan

Once you finalize your builder, schedule your design meeting and choose a unique yet practical floor plan for your new house. Discuss the size of home you want, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require, the number of storeys, type of kitchen (open or closed), other necessities and most of all the budget available.

If you don’t wish to waste time in designing your home from scratch, you can ask your builder to present you the existing floor plan ideas and decide on the one that works in your case.

4. Begin the Construction

When the steps mentioned above are done, you can finally start building. Generally it takes somewhere from 6 to 12 months to construct the entire house, but it can go up to 18 months. That is why it is recommended to break down the project in several milestones so that your construction phase becomes quick and hassle-free.

Some of the milestones you can set for your project are – site preparation, foundation and framing, installing the mechanicals, flooring and painting, and lastly fixing the electrical appliances.