10 Two-Player Games You Can Play Online


In the 80s, if you wanted to play a game with your friend, you simply had to wait your turn. When the 90s came along, friends and siblings could enjoy playing at the same time.

Today, we can enjoy playing with friends online, but the concept of “couch play” is nearly non-existent. 

So we put together this list of two-player games you can play with your buddies online or together on the same PC or console. 

Overcooked 2

If you didn’t get to enjoy Overcooked 1, then we strongly recommend trying Overcooked 2. Both versions offer the ability to play local co-op on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. However, part 2 allows you to play both local and online. 

So what’s so great about Overcooked? Well, it’s a fun four-player co-op game where you have to work together to save the world from being taken over by monsters. You do this by quickly cooking up orders to feed the “beasts”. If your time runs out, you lose. 

Then if you don’t serve enough orders, then you’ll only get one or two out of three stars. 

Unravel 2

Here’s a two-player game for those who like side-scrollers. In this game, you’re on a journey as two tiny yarn creatures traveling across the world. The design of the characters is ingenious — you have to use each other’s stringy bodies to swing, climb, and perform other acrobatics to overcome obstacles. 

It’s the ideal game for friends who enjoy figuring out puzzles (all the while enjoying stunning visuals). It’s available on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. 

A Way Out

For the gamers who enjoy more action and mature content, there’s A Way Out. In this local and online co-op game, you play as two guys escaping prison. 

What’s unique is that this two-player game requires you to work together to get through ordeals. For instance, going back-to-back to shimmy your way up a chute. There’s plenty of moments where your lives depend on one another to survive. 

You can enjoy this game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Never Alone

The perfect name to attract gamers who love co-op games. Although this game offers a single-player mode, it’s a lot better when you have a team-mate. 

Never Alone is about a young girl and her pet fox who are on an adventure to stop the blizzards consuming her village. One player is the young girl, and the other is the fox. 

If you decide to play this two-player game on a PC, you’ll need two controllers. It’s also available on Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. 

Apex Legends

It seems as though battle royale games will never go out of style. Apex Legends comes at the peak of free-to-play “last man standing” game styles. 

It offers its own unique twist on the genre by having you team up in threes to defeat other teams. You’re able to bring your dead and dying teammates back to life and work together to survive a frenzy of bullets and attacks. 

There’s also a unique ping system that allows you to communicate with strangers without a microphone. You and a friend can jump in (literally) today on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. 

Team Sonic Racing

Racing will always be a loved sport among gamers. If you have a thirst for speed and combat, then what better way to quench it than with a Sonic game? 

Rather than running along and jumping on enemies, you’re combatting your friends in a Mario Kart-type racing game. It comes with all the fun features, like shooting rockets. 

You have the option to race together as a team (up to four players) or against one another. It’s available to play on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. 

Portal 2

Puzzle games continue to intrigue fellow gamers who enjoy a good challenge. If making your way out of a seemingly endless maze, then Portal 2 is for you. 

In this game, you’re shooting portals and walking through them to new areas of each stage. You and a friend are tasked with creating four portals to get through tricky puzzle rooms. Think you can find your way out?

You can give it a try today on PC, Xbox One, or Xbox 360. 


Chances are, you already heard of Fortnite and all of its glory. In fact, if you have children or kid siblings, then they’re likely already playing it. 

It’s a fun (and free) battle royale game where you can collect funny emotes, lots of guns, build forts, and take out competitors until you’re the last man (or woman) standing. 

Of course, there’s also the story mode, where you can battle against zombies with a friend. Plus, it’s always updating with new chapters and content. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer local co-op, so you’ll have to play online via Xbox One, PC, Switch, or PS4. 

Rocket League

For the older children, teens, and adults who want a racing/fighting style game, there’s Rocket League. It’s been out for several years and continues to be a popular pick. You can think of it as a combination of soccer, football, and driving. Yeah, odd mix up. 

You drive around various fields and arenas using your vehicle to control the ball and make goals. There’s the option to play together as a team or against one another. It’s an online game available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and soon on Switch. 

The Division 2

Don’t like first-person shooters? Then you’ll enjoy The Division 2. It’s a third-person looter shooter that’ll captivate you for hours (or dare we say days?). 

You spend your time collecting guns and gear pieces to create the perfect sets to defeat your foes. You can do all of this alongside your friends. You can play up to four players in the story mode. 

Then if you dare venture into the Dark Zone — the PVP mode — then you most definitely should have three friends with you. If you’re brave enough team up with strangers, one may go rogue, kill you, and steal your loot. 

Whatever you acquire from other players, you’ll have to guard with your guns and life until the helicopter comes to collect your drop. Unfortunately, there’s a beacon that alerts others in the Dark Zone of your attempt to extract loot, so good luck!

Get Your Game On With Your Friends

There’s nothing like enjoying a video game alongside a friend, sibling, or spouse. There’s a game for your group, whether you enjoy couch or online play. 

Now, you have a list of options for two-player or multiplayer games to try based on your own interests. Heck, you may even be able to get an opportunity to spend quality time with your children on Apex, Fortnite, or Overcooked.