Amazon's deep discounts on Echo speakers and devices are likely to continue through Cyber Monday 2019 — here's every Echo on sale right now


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  • Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are deeply discounted right now, and the deals are likely to last through Cyber Monday 2019. 
  • You can currently get an Echo Dot for just $22, a new Echo for $60, an Echo Show 8 for $80, and there’s more where that came from (see additional deals below).
  • Check out our list of the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals across all categories, and also take a look at Business Insider Coupons to potentially save even more on your Cyber Monday purchases.

Updated on 11/29/2019 at 3:25 p.m.

Cyber Monday is finally here, and Amazon is discounting its devices. You’ll find Kindles, Fire TV Sticks, and plenty of Echo speakers on sale, including devices there were just recently released a couple of months ago.

Besides controlling your smart home, an Echo speaker lets you play music, make voice calls (and video calls on Echo Show devices with displays), and more — all by using the Alexa voice assistant.

If a smart speaker is what you’re looking for, check out these Cyber Monday Echo deals below. The biggest savings are on the Echo, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Show, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot Kids Edition.

Best Echo Cyber Monday deals in 2019:

  1. Echo (3rd gen), $60 (originally $100) [You save $40]
  2. Echo Show 8, $79.99 (originally $129.99) [You save $50]
  3. Echo Dot, $22 (originally $50) [You save $28] and Echo Dot with Clock, $34.99 (originally $59.99) [You save $25]
  4. Echo Show 5, $50 (originally $90) [You save $40] 
  5. Echo Dot Kids Edition, $39.99 (originally $69.99) [You save $30]
  6. Echo Show (2nd gen), $150 (originally $230) [You save $80] 
  7. Echo Sub, $109.99 (originally $129.99) [You save $20]
  8. Echo Flex, $19.99 (originally $24.99) [You save $5] 
  9. Echo Input, $14.99 (originally $34.99) [You save $20]
  10. Amazon Smart Plug, $5 with purchase of select Echo devices (regularly $25) [You save $20] * It’s just $5 when purchased as a bundle with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio. To get the deal, go to the product page for any of these devices and choose the “with $5 Smart Plug” configuration.

Learn more about these Amazon Echos to decide which one is right for you:


Echo (3rd gen), $60 (originally $100) [You save $40] 

The third generation of the original Echo speaker has improved sound quality, thanks to Dolby technology. It also comes in more colors and has a softer design that makes it look nice in any home. Check out our review.

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8, $79.99 (originally $129.99) [You save $50]

Not too big and not too small, the brand-new Echo Show 8 is the perfect in-between size. With an 8-inch screen, this Amazon smart display does everything that the larger Echo Show does, including video and voice chat, play music from popular services, smart home control, and more, all through Alexa. The Echo Show 8 won’t ship until December 8, but you can still purchase this great deal right now.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot, $22 (originally $50) [You save $28] 

Echo Dot with Clock, $34.99 (originally $60) [You save $25]

The most affordable Echo smart speaker gets even cheaper. At this price, you can stock up on a couple or more and spread them throughout the house. The Echo Dot is our pick for the best affordable smart speaker.

Amazon is also discounting the new Echo Dot with Clock. It’s just like a regular Echo Dot, except it displays the time — no need to summon Alexa for that info. The LED can also show temperature and a countdown clock.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Echo Dot Kids Edition, $39.99 (originally $69.99) [You save $30] 

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is based on the regular Echo Dot in terms of specs, but it has extra features designed for children to operate and a colorful exterior. There are parental and privacy controls, including the ability to set time limits and shut the mic off. The content is also streamlined for kids: Songs with explicit content are filtered, and Alexa picks age-appropriate music and stories when asked. It comes with a year of free access to FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon’s library of kids’ content.

Echo Show (2nd gen)

Echo Show (2nd gen), $150 (originally $230) [You save $80] 

The largest version of the Echo Show has a 10.1-inch display in a redesigned frame that looks sleeker. It’s ideal for bigger rooms like the kitchen or living room. You can watch shows, listen to music, make video calls, see info like the weather report, and control your smart home devices. It’s our overall pick for the best Alexa smart display.

Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5, $50 (originally $90) [You save $40] 

Part alarm clock, part smart speaker, the Echo Show 5 is the perfect bedside companion. You can do all the same things with the Show 5 that you can do with an Echo speaker, but it’s also a smart display, so you can make video calls using the 5.5-inch screen, check on the baby monitor, or watch a show on Prime Video. It’s our pick for the best budget smart display with Alexa.

Echo Sub

Echo Sub (2nd gen), $109.99 (originally $129.99) [You save $20] 

Want more bass out of your third-gen Echo speaker? Get two of them and add the new Echo Sub to create a 2.1 stereo setup. Now, you can listen to Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, or whatever choice of music service you prefer, with better higher-quality sound. The Echo Sub also works with the third-generation Echo Dot and second-generation Echo.

Echo Flex

Echo Flex, $19.99 (originally $24.99) [You save $5] 

Some people like to show off their Echo devices, but if you would rather have something more inconspicuous, this plug-in Echo speaker is for you. The new Echo Flex is a speaker that plugs directly into a wall outlet but has all the speaker functions that a regular Echo would. You can also get it with a motion sensor or night light, which plugs into the USB port below.

Echo Input

Echo Input, $14.99 (regularly $34.99) [You save $20] 

The Echo Input is an easy way to turn any speaker into a smart speaker. Simply connect to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly or by using the 3.5mm audio cable and connecting it to the headphone jack or auxiliary input. Then, just call up Alexa as you would with any Echo device.

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug, $5 with purchase of select Echo devices (regularly $25) [You save $20] 

With Echo devices, you can use Alexa to control a smart home. But if your smart home device doesn’t isn’t Alexa-enabled, plug it into a smart plug. With an Amazon Smart Plug, you can turn any standard outlet into a smart one. Just plug in a lamp, for example, and you can tell Alexa to turn it on and off. At $5, you can smarten up any outlet quickly and easily.

* It’s just $5 when purchased as a bundle with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio. To get the deal, go to the product page for any of these devices and choose the “with $5 Smart Plug” Configuration.

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