These 3 subtle changes in Apple's latest iPhone update have made my life way easier (AAPL)


iPhone 11 iOS 13

  • Apple released the iOS 13 software update for iPhones in September.
  • The update had some improvements that received a lot of buzz, including a long-awaited dark mode and an updated Photos app.
  • After using iOS 13 for about 2 months, three features in particular — headphone audio levels, an update to Tweets sent through Messages, and better screenshots — have proven surprisingly useful.
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Apple released iOS 13 for iPhones in mid-September. Some criticized the software as buggy out of the gate, but I haven’t had any major issues, and the minor follow-up updates worked well for me. 

The new software took some getting used to, but over time I noticed some minor features that were slowly making my life easier. I hadn’t even thought of them before updating, after using them I couldn’t go back.

Here are 3 of my favorite minor updates in iOS 13.

1. Headphone Audio Levels in the Health app lets you look at your average levels over time.

I don’t normally use the Health app, but I had it open the other day and noticed that it tracks audio levels from headphones.

You can compare your own levels in the past. Just open Health, and select “browse” in the lower right corner. Then, tap “hearing.”

Apple also puts the number in context for you. This is newly useful to me, because I find myself constantly turning up the volume on my AirPods in the subway and other loud places, and I don’t want to do longterm damage.

2. Tweets can now show multiple images in iMessage.

This update is so minor I had to double check that it hadn’t been released earlier, but it makes sending tweets much better, especially if the joke or context is in the second picture.

3. Screenshots (which I used for this story) got a commonsense upgrade as well.

Now, you have the option to screenshot, or get an image of the full page. This isn’t a game-changer, but it definitely makes sharing articles and photos easier.

If you haven’t updated to iOS 13 yet, simply back up your phone and then head over to the Settings app, navigate to General, then Software Update, and follow the steps.