Set Up Custom Reddit Alerts With “Notifier For Reddit”


Everyone knows Google Alerts where you can be alerted by email and/or RSS feed if a certain search query turns up anything new. It is used by a huge number of people and is easily one of Google’s most-used tools.

But did you know that someone has now started an equivalent service for Reddit?

To be clear, “Notifier for Reddit” is not officially endorsed by Reddit as far as we can see. Nor is it part of the company’s product offerings. It is instead a tool made by a private individual who uses Reddit’s API to monitor the site and provide email-based custom Reddit alerts for people monitoring a certain word or phrase. 

But if the service takes off, we can seriously see Reddit buying it. It’s really good.

Why Should You Create Custom Reddit Alerts?

Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the Internet” and this is not hyperbole by any means. Reddit is huge, which is probably the understatement of the century. Made up of thousands of “subreddits” on every conceivable subject, you can find pretty much any subject you are looking for on there.

As well as consumers praising companies and their products, they can quite easily turn and complain about those companies and products too. Same goes for websites like this one. What are people saying on Reddit about us? Do they like our work? Or have we enraged someone by saying Windows is better than a Mac?

While we can obviously manually search Reddit at any time, such a process can be laborious and time-consuming. “Notifier for Reddit” on the other hand is your constant sentinel, standing guard and ready to alert you the moment your keywords are uttered on Reddit. 

The Pricing Plans

Before we go into the inner workings of “Notifier for Reddit”, it’s worth comparing the pricing plans, as there are obviously differences between them.

There is a free tier and two paid tiers. As you can see, the free tier is heavily restricted to just one search term (called a “searcher”). Your results are also delivered to you as “low priority”, meaning you won’t get real-time results. The free tier is more or less a “try it out and see what you think of the service” tier.

The paid plans removes all of these restrictions, and the only difference between the two plans are the number of “searchers” you can have running at the one time. For the $2.99 plan, you can have 3 and for the $10 plan, you can have 25.

$10 may seem like a lot of money for a service like this, but if you are a high revenue company that relies heavily on your reputation, $10 is nothing. But saying that, such a company may want more than 25 search terms running.

We were given access to the $10 tier to try out the service and this is what we found.

How It Works

Once you have made an account, signed in, and chosen your plan, it’s time to set up your first searcher – which is essentially a custom Reddit alert.

“Searchers” gives you a list of all currently running search terms and their status. “Add Searcher” is where you can add a new one. So click on that now.

These are the options you are presented with.

The “Search String” is your keyword or keyphrase. It’s virtually the same as how you would search on Google, as the following on NFR shows :

Bear in mind though that the more common the phrase, the more flooded you are going to get with notifications. To see this for myself, I listed “dogs” as a search string and suddenly my Gmail inbox got flooded with emails.

So the lesson here is to make the search term as specific as possible, to avoid too many false positives and/or so much stuff that you are literally drowning.

Anyway, back to setting up the search query. You can choose from the following :

  • Posts, comments, or both.
  • Whether the search query is case-sensitive or not. In other words, if you type the search query with an upper-case first letter, it will only look for results with an upper-case first letter.
  • The length of the notification interval. Whether you should be notified instantly or daily in a digest email. If you are on the free plan though, it won’t be “instant” as you will be in the low priority queue.
  • Include/Exclude Subreddits. This is where you can say if you want to focus on particular subreddits or exclude particular subreddits. This helps to make the results more targeted so you get the results you actually want.

Then click “add” and the NTR bot will go off and do its thing. 

As soon as it finds results which match your search terms, you’ll get an email.

Custom Reddit alert services like this are a huge time-saver for those who use and rely on social media heavily. Keeping real-time track of updates on these platforms is just impossible, given the amount of new information flowing through them on a daily and hourly basis.

Notifier for Reddit helps people to keep on top of what is being said about them and their interests on the front page of the Internet.