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How To Use Google Docs Resume Templates

When it comes to writing a resume, some people
will go as far as to spend hundreds of dollars to get it out of their way. A
well-written resume is a key ingredient to a successful job hunt, and learning
how to properly create one can often be intimidating.

Even if you do decide to handle it on your
own, many of the recommended resume-writing resources and websites aren’t
freely available. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get away with
writing a quality resume without paying. Using a Google Docs resume template is
one of the best ways to achieve that.

Fortunately, Google has acknowledged the
popularity of Docs as a resume-building tool and provides a gallery of
templates to help you get started.

How To Find Google Docs Resume Templates

Upon navigating to Google Docs, you will see a row across the top of the page with options for creating a new document. You may see one or two resume templates in this row, but there are others to check out if you click on the Template gallery link in the top-right corner.

Clicking on this will expand the template
gallery and reveal a total of five different resume templates: Swiss, Serif,
Coral, Spearmint, and Modern Writer.

Clicking on one will take you directly into a
new document where you can begin editing the template.

How To Edit a Google Docs Resume Template

Once you’ve selected a resume template that
you like, you can start editing it. Let’s check out the Serif template as an

Serif is a sensitive, two-column template.
Although you can add or remove sections based on how the content on the page is
filled out, it’s important not to stack either column with significantly longer
text than the other.

If you do, it’ll be an eyesore in the end.
Therefore, a single-column resume template (such as Coral or Modern Writer) may
be preferred.

If you see that your first template choice
doesn’t meet your needs, you can always try out the others. Sections can easily
be renamed and recolored by simply highlighting and changing the text’s font,
color, and other attributes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because you can
easily undo any changes or reload your template from scratch.

One important tip to remember is that you
should adhere to the preset formatting style so that the outline functions

If you highlight a small section of text in
the resume template, you’ll notice that practically everything that is not
‘lorem ipsum’ text is a heading. While you can just format normal text to
appear identical to the heading text, setting them as a heading is what tells
Google Docs where to place them in the outline.

Although it’s not common for companies and
employers to ask for your resume as a Google Docs link, abiding by the
formatting rules can translate to the best possible export in all file formats.
Some text editors support outlines.

How To Save Google Docs Resume Templates

As mentioned, you won’t find many employers
who are going to ask you to turn in a resume in the form of a Google Docs link.
That’s why you’ll want to understand how to properly export your resume as one
of the common text-based file formats.

Luckily, Google makes this process extremely
simple and a matter of just a few clicks. All you have to do is click on the File menu, hover your cursor over Download to expand the options, and
click on any of the file formats that you’d like to download your resume as.

In my experiences with job searching, most
companies and employers will ask for your resume in PDF Document format.
However, it doesn’t hurt to keep a Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, and Plain
Text copy of your resume. Downloading these now could save you time in the

You should also check out each of the downloaded files using a supported application, such as Foxit PDF Reader, Notepad++, etc. The exporting process isn’t always perfect, and you may need to buff up these files around the edges.

If you often update your resume, you’ll need
to remember to re-download your resume in each of these formats. Don’t slip up
and send out an outdated resume copy just because someone is requesting it in a
format you don’t usually use.

That’s all it takes to create and save a
resume through Google Docs by using its selection of resume templates. While
there are paid alternatives that can make the process faster and easier, Google
Docs resume templates are one of the best and most flexible free options.