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Woman Who Accused Actor Ali Zafar Of Harassment Apologises

Ali Zafar Accuser Apologises

Several women have accused singer turned actor Ali Zafar of harassment, after charges against him were leveled by singer Meesha Shafi. Recently, however, one of the women who had accused Zafar withdrew her comment and apologised to him.

Earlier, a woman called Sofi had taken to Twitter claiming that Zafar misbehaved with a girl who was sent to the airport to liaison with him for a fundraiser in the States. Zafar allegedly kept touched her inappropriately and moved too close to her.

Recently, in a Twitter post, Sofi apologised saying that she put out the false information on social media in a haste. She said that her decision to accuse the singer was based on false information she was provided with.

On interrogation, Sofi had earlier deleted the tweet and also her social media account. She recently reactivated it to apologise to Zafar, and posted a screenshot of her deleted comment.

Sofi further claimed that she is a survivor of harassment and apologised to Zafar for the inconvenience that her social media post caused for him. She encouraged everyone to testify before accusing anyone of such a wrongdoing.

Ali Zafar took to Twitter to appreciate Sofi for having the courage to accept her mistake and apologise. “Dear Sofi. It requires courage to accept your mistake and bravery to apologise publically. You are courageous and brave and that is how you should always be remembered. I wish you nothing but the best of health and happiness in life. God bless,” he wrote on Twitter.

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