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7 reasons you should stick with your iPhone X instead of upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro (AAPL)

iPhone X

  • It’s been two years since Apple’s iPhone X came out, which means it’s not too unreasonable for iPhone X owners to start thinking about an upgrade.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro certainly has new features and improvements, but so will the 2020 iPhone, and the iPhone after that.
  • If you’re happy with your iPhone X, why upgrade?
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If you’re an iPhone X owner, you can trade in your device for up to $400 off the new iPhone 11 Pro right now, which essentially brings down the iPhone 11 Pro’s price down to $600. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But work through the impulse. It’s not really just $600. It’s $600 on top of what you spent on your iPhone X. 

There are plenty of improvements and new features in the iPhone 11 Pro, but none of them are worth prematurely ditching a perfectly good iPhone X. Not the new cameras, not the matte glass back, not the new chips. These things won’t make you happier unless you were specifically looking for them.

All the new features from the iPhone 11 Pro and then some will make it to next year’s 2020 iPhones. So why rush if you’re happy with the iPhone X right now?

If your heart says upgrade but you’re waiting for your mind to balance things out, maybe the points below will kick-start that logic:

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1. The iPhone X looks nearly identical to the iPhone 11 Pro, so you’re not getting anything that looks new.

If you think your iPhone X looks and feels outdated, the iPhone 11 Pro won’t help with that. They have nearly identical designs, with the major difference being the matte glass on the iPhone 11 Pro’s back. 

Oh, and the new camera system … thing … on the back, too. 

2. If you’re not complaining about your iPhone X’s speed while running iOS and apps, then it’s hard to make the case to upgrade to an iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s new chips might offer better performance, but unless you’re actively unhappy with the iPhone X’s performance, the iPhone 11 Pro’s performance boost won’t make a huge impact. 

3. The iPhone X still has a great camera.

You don’t get the iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode or the ultra-wide camera, but those are just perks, not must-haves.

4. The iPhone 11 Pro has a fancy new “Super Retina XDR” screen, but the iPhone X’s “Super Retina HD” screen still looks great.

The iPhone X’s screen still has all the important stuff to make iOS, apps, and content look great, like HDR, TrueTone, and a wide color gamut. Both the iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro even have the same sharpness at 458 pixels-per-inch. 

The iPhone 11 Pro’s screen has better contrast ratio and brightness. If you ever complained about your iPhone X’s contrast ratio or brightness, then you could add it to your list of “pros” to upgrade, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why. 

5. The iPhone 11 Pro has a technically better selfie camera, but not by much.

If you’re happy with the iPhone X’s selfies, then why upgrade?

6. Your iPhone X is lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro.

It’s even slightly thinner and smaller overall.

7. If your iPhone X’s battery life is starting to dwindle but everything else about it is fine, maybe try replacing the battery for $70 at an Apple Store instead of buying a whole new iPhone.

Long story short: save your money and keep the iPhone X.