What is the pass rate for CISSP?

The CISSP Examination is definitely a hard nut to crack if you don’t play your cards right. It is quite natural of course since CISSP exams or CISSP training necessitate sustainable and lifelong learning along with quick grasp of vital concepts. The CISSP is one of the most aspired to cyber security certifications provided by (ISC) ²and was introduced back in the year 1994. More than 138,000 people have membership of the body and most of them have CISSP Certification.

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CISSP is of course a tough examination as mentioned. The pass rates are not revealed publicly. However, experts assume that pass rates are quite below 50% by all means. The CISSP examination is tailored to analyse managerial and technical competence of aspirants across 8 domains. The format (adaptive CAT format is used now) and the content have both evolved over the last year or so.

Do you want to be a certified information systems security professional? Here is how you should prepare yourself if you wish to be successful at cracking CISSP.

Tips on cracking CISSP

With pass rates hovering below 50% as per estimates, you should definitely get your A-Game on when it comes to sitting for this examination. Here are some tips that you will help you get started:

  • Always know about the course- You should always know that CISSP stands for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional label and this certificate has been made by The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. CISSP certification makes you ready to set up and spearhead programs for information security. There are 8 core domains, namely Asset Security, Security and Risk Management, Communications and Network Security, Security Engineering, Identity and Access Management, Security Operations, Security and Assessment Testing and Software Development Security.
  • Know about the eligibility criteria- You should have full-time work experience in a minimum of two of the above mentioned domains for at least 5 years. You will also be able to sit for the examination if you have 4 years of experience in case you have a 4-year college degree or any approved certification/credential. You also have to agree to the code of ethics of the (ISC) 2and explain when you apply, aspects such as identification with hackers and also convictions for felony. The examination takes 6 hours and 250 questions across 8 domains. The minimum score for passing is 70%.
  • Have good knowledge of CISSP language- You should always learn the language properly. Always go through every domain and understand the examination language in advance. Try to understand sample questions and concepts in CISSP. Try and link these to real-world concepts as well.
  • Always use multiple sources for studying- Make sure that you use various sources for CISSP exams. You should always get the official study guide first and then cover all the content in the same. There are several sample/practice tests that you can do online in this regard.
  • Team up with friends who are giving the exam- CISSP training courses and other boot camps can be quite costly. You are better off teaming up with friends or peers who are looking to give the examination. This is a great way to study and prepare for CISSP and can help you get doubts cleared whenever you’re stuck while enabling seamless revision.
  • Always emphasize on proper time management- You should keep reviewing your books for CISSP on a daily basis and also take practice tests online. Time management is key towards completing the content for all the 8 domains. You should work out how much time you need and keep balancing your schedule as you go along. Check the study guides and highlight the concepts you already know or understand and also the ones you don’t. This will help you save time later on. You should spend half of your overall time on the study guides and the other half taking the practice examinations.
  • Sleep well before your examination- The examination is long and tiring. If you do not want to exhaust yourself, get adequate sleep on the night before the test. Save all the energy you can to give the best possible performance in the CISSP examination.
  • Have a dedicated examination blueprint- The key here is to craft a dedicated strategy for the CISSP examination. You should always go through all the questions and see whether you are in sync with the same. You should start off by answering all the questions that you absolutely know the answers to. Then, you can start answering questions with which you are not that sure about but have a basic understanding. This will leave a few questions to which you do not know the answers. Being a multiple choice examination, leave aside answers which are wrong and choose any of the remaining points.

Following these tips will help you crack the CISSP examination with aplomb en route towards turning into an expert on cyber security. This certification will do wonders for your career as a formal sign of recognition about your knowledge of the industry. You should always look to learn more and the knowledge that you gain will help you with more confidence when you are dealing with top level executives at client organizations. You will be able to understand the requirements of cyber security experts and cater to the same in a much better manner.

Remember that CISSP is always about learning for an entire lifetime and the examination is just one basic yet core step. You will have to seek re-certification once in every 3 years in order to ensure smooth maintenance of the certification that you have previously received. You will have to keep updating yourself and studying further on the topic. For earning CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits, you should always maintain the certification without fail. You should take part in more webinars, come up with case studies or white papers and stay abreast of the latest trends and news topics related to CISSP. Here’s to a successful journey ahead!