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Amber Portwood: FINALLY Being Fired from Teen Mom OG After Abuse Scandal?!

Remember when Amber Portwood got out of prison and everyone thought there was a chance that she'd changed and was going to turn her life around?

Boy, she proved that wrong, huh?

Things got very, very bad with Matt Baier, who she started dating a few minutes after she got out of prison, but her relationship with Andrew Glennon?

Well, we keep getting more and more proof about what a disaster that really was.

It looks like Amber never changed her awful, abusive ways … and now, according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she might lose her job over it.

1. What a Summer

Amber portwood in therapy
Amber’s whole entire life has been falling apart for the past few months, but it’s really pretty much 100% her own fault.

2. Truth

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
And that’s because she’s an abusive, nasty person.

3. Memories

Amber portwood gary shirley shirtless
We saw this when she was with Gary back in the day on Teen Mom — she punched him, grabbed at him, once she kicked him in the back while he was walking down some stairs.

4. Consequences

Amber portwood mug shot new
Domestic violence was a big part of why she went to prison — she was charged with felony domestic violence for what happened with Gary, placed on probation, had some drug charges a little later, violated probation … just a lot of bad things, but the abuse was definitely part of it.

5. Hmm …

Amber portwood at a reunion
History does seem to repeat itself, huh?

6. Oh, Matt

Amber portwood and matt baier on marriage boot camp
Her next serious relationship after Gary was with Matt Baier, who she met online after being released from prison. Their relationship was definitely toxic, but hey, at least she never physically abused him on camera, right?

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