5 Important Questions to Ask While Hiring Audio Transcription Services

Transcription is the hot trend these days as it is cost-effective and can serve several purposes of any business. There are many benefits attached to the transcription service ranging from making text records of podcasts, meetings, or interviews. Now, the question is what exactly audio transcription is. It is the process in which the transcriber types the audio in the form of a text document. That text file can later be saved and shared.

Transcription services are used worldwide to transcribe seminars, lectures, webinars, meetings, etc. The need of this service is growing day by day. Thus, it is very important to know how to choose the best audio transcription service. So, to help you out, we are here with this article. The following are a few important questions that you should ask while hiring a transcriptionist. These questions will help you in ensuring that you are hiring a professional service only.

  1. What is your experience?

Knowing the experience of the transcriptionist will help you in having a fair idea about his knowledge and skills. Ask about what kind of transcriptions he has done in the past, who were the clients. These questions will help you in knowing if he is capable of handling your transcription job or not.

2. Who will do the transcription? 

It is very crucial to know about the actual person who will be doing the transcription job for you. If you are hiring a transcription firm, then ask them about their transcription process and the transcriber. Also, ask if one transcriber will handle the job, or there will be multiple transcribers. Make sure that the transcriber is experienced. It will ascertain you that your work is in the hands of a professional and you will only get accurate results at the end.

3. What are your rates? 

Ask about their rates and make sure to clear everything before hiring the firm. What are the charges for an urgent project? Will there be any extra charges for audio of poor sound quality? Make such things clear before finalizing the deal. It will prevent you from future surprises.

4. Can you meet the deadlines? 

What’s the fun of hiring and paying someone if the work is not completed on time? So, make sure that the transcriber is capable enough to meet the deadlines. If there is any urgency, then only hire a transcription firm who promises to provide excellent transcription service within the specified time.

5. What tools do you use for transcription? 

Asking this question will let you know how the transcriber handles the work. Whether they directly type using a typewriter or they make handwritten notes first. If your audio is not of good quality and requires software for tuning, then make sure that they have the needed software and can edit your audio file before transcription.