These are the 28 hottest tech startups to work at, according to LinkedIn


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  • LinkedIn recently published its third annual Top Startups ranking, showcasing the best US startups to work for in 2019.
  • LinkedIn says it selected 50 companies based on four measures: employee growth, job-seeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies list.
  • These are the 28 tech startups from the list, including Bumble, Coinbase, Bird, Lime, and DoorDash.
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LinkedIn recently analyzed and rounded up the 50 best US startups to work for in 2019.

LinkedIn says it selected the startups based on four factors: employee growth, job seeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled top talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies list.

We isolated the tech startups from the full list and present them below. Check out the 28 best US tech startups to work at now, according to LinkedIn.

28. Outreach


Headquarters: Seattle

Year founded: 2014

US headcount: 500*

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Support

Most common skills: Salesforce, Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What you should know: Outreach, a platform that helps sales reps optimize their client engagement and track performance, plans to grow its team to 450 employees by the end of this year, helped by its $114 million funding round in April (which also helped vault it to Unicorn status). The startup has doubled its revenue growth every year since 2016 and boasts 3,500 customers, including Adobe, DocuSign and eBay.

Visit Outreach on its website and LinkedIn.

27. Plaid


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 380

Largest job functions: Engineering, Sales, Human Resources

Most common skills: SQL, Python, Financial Services

What you should know: Plaid, the software powering well-known fintech apps such as Venmo and Coinbase, has raised $310 million in venture capital funding to date. Head of people McKenna Quint said the company is “Growing quickly but carefully”: It’s added about 200 employees over the past year and has over 100 positions open now. What is the startup looking for? “The most successful Plaid employees are those who ask hard questions, take smart, calculated risks, own mistakes and learn from them and bring a deep sense of humility,” says Quint.

Visit Plaid on its website and LinkedIn.

26. Ethos Life


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2015

US headcount: 70

Largest job functions: Marketing, Support, Engineering 

Most common skills: Analytics, Insurance, SQL 

What you should know: Life insurance startup Ethos appeals to its customers with a tech-savvy approach — an app and no paperwork. The startup has raised $46 million in total funding and boosted its headcount from 35 to 70 this year alone. It has 35 open roles with a focus on growing engineering, and job seekers don’t need insurance industry expertise. “Please don’t shy away because of your lack of experience or exposure,” says Brittany Yoon, VP of operations. “Most of us didn’t know much about life insurance before joining Ethos.”

Visit Ethos Life on its website and LinkedIn.


25. Drift


Headquarters: Boston

Year founded: 2014

US headcount: 280

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Support

Most common skills: Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Analytics

What you should know: Drift calls itself “the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform.” Over the past year, sales platform Drift scaled from 65 employees to a team of almost 280, and the startup is now looking to fill over 40 open roles with plans to “double down” on its products and sales teams. Don’t see a role that’s quite the right fit? “You can apply to the future Drifter role,” says Lacey Berrien, a company spokesperson. “We are continuously hiring and will eventually have the right role.” 

Visit Drift on its website and LinkedIn.

24. ThoughtSpot


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 310

Largest job functions: Engineering, Sales, Business Development

Most common skills: Analytics, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence (BI)

What you should know: ThoughtSpot, a simple-to-use business analytics platform, went on a hiring spree with 248 new hires globally over the past year, and not all are in the Bay Area. ThoughtSpot has offices in Seattle, Dallas and five international cities. For job seekers looking to nab one of its 46 open roles, Marta Molina Paul, VP of global people operations recommends, “If you don’t have the perfect experience — still apply! If you’re smart, adaptable and motivated, we’ll find a way to leverage your talent.”

Visit ThoughtSpot on its website and LinkedIn.

23. Scale AI


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2016

US headcount: 100

Largest job functions: Operations, Engineering, Quality Assurance

Most common skills: Data Analysis, Python, Java

What you should know: Scale AI, a data platform that helps computer vision teams process their work faster, is used by companies such as Google’s Waymo and Lyft to super-charge their self-driving efforts. The startup nabbed $100 million in funding in August, making it one of Silicon Valley’s latest Unicorn breakouts. Scale AI is now scaling itself and has 35 positions open across its marketing, operations and technical teams.

Visit Scale AI on its website and LinkedIn.

22. Confluent


Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Year founded: 2014

Global headcount: 800

Largest job functions: Engineering, Sales, Information Technology

Most common skills: Cloud Computing, Java, Software Development 

What you should know: Confluent, which developed a platform that processes data as a real-time stream, is valued at $2.5 billion following its Series D funding in January. The startup has more than 150 positions open across the company and is looking for candidates with the right skills, not just degrees: “We want to hire people with a forward-thinking perspective and skill set they can use to grow fast with us,” says CFO Cheryl Dalrymple. “That includes people who don’t get their experience in a college classroom.” 

Visit Confluent on its website and LinkedIn.

21. Amperity


Headquarters: Seattle

Year founded: 2016

US headcount: 120

Largest job functions: Engineering, Business Development, Sales

Most common skills: Analytics, Cloud Computing, SQL 

What you should know: Amperity, which helps companies such as Starbucks and the Gap use their customer data more intelligently, has raised $87 million in funding to date, which has helped fuel its massive expansion. On top of 355% year-over-year revenue growth in 2018, the company has increased its employee headcount by more than 60% since July 2018. The startup has another 34 open positions with plans to grow its sales and marketing team in the near future.

Visit Amperity on its website and LinkedIn.

20. Verkada


Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Year founded: 2016

US headcount: 170

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Human Resources

Most common skills: Sales Management, Salesforce, Cloud Computing

What you should know: Verkada, which sells enterprise security systems that include high-bandwidth cameras and an intelligent, cloud-based software platform, increased its employee headcount from 35 to 175 globally this past year, a jaw-dropping 400% expansion. Valued at $540 million, the startup secured another $40 million in Series B funding in April to continue its high-growth trajectory.

Visit Verkada on its website and LinkedIn.

19. Coursera


Headquarters:Mountain View, California

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 360

Largest job functions: Engineering, Education, Marketing

Most common skills: Python, SQL, Java

What you should know: Coursera, an e-learning startup valued at more than $1 billion, raised an additional $103 million in Series E funding in April to help accelerate its focus on upskilling professionals. Coursera has over 100 jobs open today with expansion focused in its enterprise sales, engineering, product management, marketing and data science teams.

Visit Coursera on its website and LinkedIn.

18. Cameo


Headquarters: Chicago 

Year founded: 2017

US headcount: 110

Largest job functions: Business Development, Sales, Engineering

Most common skills: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Adobe Photoshop

What you should know: Cameo, an app that allows people to buy personalized video shoutouts from celebrities, raised $50 million in Series B funding in June as it looks to aggressively scale internationally. The company has 30 open positions right now across its product, engineering, sales and operations teams — and not all require a college degree. “We actively look for candidates from nontraditional backgrounds,” CEO Steven Galanis tells LinkedIn.

Visit Cameo on its website and LinkedIn.

17. Faire


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2017

US headcount: 105

Largest job functions: Support, Sales, Arts and Design

Most common skills: Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Adobe Photoshop

What you should know: Faire, an online wholesale platform with a customer base of over 30,000 local retailers, raised $100 million in funding, hired 135 people and opened a new Salt Lake City office, all in the past year. That growth isn’t slowing. The company has over 30 open jobs across its three offices and is focused on growing its data science teams.

Visit Faire on its website and LinkedIn.

16. Bumble


Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Year founded: 2014

US headcount: 100

Largest job functions: Marketing, Sales, Community and Social Services

Most common skills: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Adobe Photoshop

What you should know: Bumble, a social app for dating, friend-finding and career-building, increased its employee headcount 60% year over year. Keeping its kindness-focused culture intact as it rapidly expands has been paramount, and Bumble is on the hunt for job seekers who not only understand its product but align with its values: “Kindness, authentic connections and helping end misogyny are foundational to everything we do at Bumble,” says Chief of Staff Caroline Ellis Roche. 

Visit Bumble on its website and LinkedIn.

15. Coinbase


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 600

Largest job functions: Engineering, Finance, Information Technology

Most common skills: Software Development, SQL, Python

What you should know: In three years, crypto-wallet service Coinbase has tripled in size and raised $525 million in funding. The startup has 130 open roles across all departments, and VP of Communications Rachael Horwitz emphasized that candidate potential isn’t judged based on academic degrees. “Finding top talent requires us to cast the widest net possible,” she says. “We are rigorous about hiring based on skills and values, but outside of this, we welcome people from every background and set of experiences.” 

Visit Coinbase on its website and LinkedIn.

14. Ripple


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 270

Largest job functions: Engineering, Business Development, Information Technology

Most common skills: Analytics, Software Development, Finance

What you should know:Ripple lets customers send money across the world cheaply and securely via blockchain technology. Ripple is hiring for about 60 roles now, focused in its engineering unit and new Xpring team (an initiative to support other startups that use Ripple technology). To land one of its jobs, be ready to share your passions, including those beyond finance. “Whether you bring to the team a competitive spirit from a past athletic career or problem-solving skills from climbing mountains, we’re most excited about working with people who love what they do,” the company tells LinkedIn.

Visit Ripple on its website and LinkedIn.

13. Zume


Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Year founded: 2015 

US headcount: 510

Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Human Resources

Most common skills: SQL, Software Development, JavaScript

What you should know: While Zume may be best known for its robot-powered pizza brand Zume Pizza, the company has a much bigger ambition: Reduce food waste by helping companies better predict supply and demand. As on-demand delivery grows, Zume connects restaurants and suppliers with real-time food consumption data and predictive analytics so they can adjust how they purchase. The startup is amping up its customer acquisition and is focused on growing its product, engineering and sales teams across 109 open roles. 

Visit Zume on its website and LinkedIn.

12. Coda


Headquarters: Multiple 

Year founded: 2014

US headcount: 60  

Largest job functions: Engineering, Arts and Design, Product Management

Most common skills: Software Development, User Experience, Cloud Computing

What you should know: Coda merges text and data into a single document that can serve teams as a unified workspace. The startup, which has raised $60 million in funding, has 15 job openings across sales, engineering, design and marketing. “We believe that technology is about to enter a new phase where people won’t want to buy one-size-fits-all solutions,” says Evan Davies, head of solutions, partnerships and marketing. The startup is looking for candidates “eager to help us democratize software.” 

Visit Coda on its website and LinkedIn.

11. Rubrik


Headquarters:Palo Alto, California

Year founded: 2014

US headcount: 1,070

Most common skills: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Enterprise Software

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Information Technology

 What you should know: Talent has been flocking to the cloud data-management startup, which was founded by former Oracle, Facebook and Google engineers. Over the past year, Rubrik hired 700 employees, including ex-Cisco executive Wendy Bahr. Sales and engineering positions account for most of Rubrik’s open jobs, and the company prefers candidates with four-year college degrees who illustrate a “customer-first mindset.”

Visit Rubrik on its website and LinkedIn.

10. Databricks


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2013

US headcount: 660

Largest job functions:Engineering, Sales, Human Resources

Most common skills: Analytics, Data Mining, Cloud Computing

What you should know: Databricks helps companies unleash the power of big data through its unified analytics platform, making innovation and analysis easier across data science, engineering and business teams. The data obsession extends to the interview process: Kristalle Cooks, head of communications, tells LinkedIn that having strong data points for why you’re a good fit is a great way to stand out when applying for one its 177 open jobs.

Visit Databricks on its website and LinkedIn.

9. Bird


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California

Year founded: 2017

US headcount: 500 

Largest job functions:Operations, Engineering, Information Technology

Most common skills: Data Analysis, SQL, Social Media Marketing

What you should know: Bird is another one of those scooter startups popping up across America, but how does it differ from its competitors? Perhaps by its aggressive growth strategy. Last year, Bird became the fastest company ever to reach unicorn status. That growth has come with its fair share of questionsand challenges, yet there are still a plethora of opportunities here. Bird has nearly 1,000 open positions around the world and is looking for “impact-oriented, community-focused individuals with fresh perspectives,” the company told LinkedIn.

Visit Bird on its website and LinkedIn.

8. SimpleBet


Headquarters: New York City

Year founded: 2017

US headcount: 65*

Largest job functions: Engineering, Business Development, Product Management

Most common skills: Python, SQL, Machine Learning

What you should know: SimpleBet is building a new generation of sports betting technology, including its recently launched pricing platform, which uses machine learning to automatically update and create real-time betting opportunities for MLB games. The startup, which plans to expand to NFL and NBA markets, has been on the hunt for data, engineering and product expertise.

Visit SimpleBet on its website and LinkedIn.

7. TripActions


Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Year founded: 2015

US headcount: 600

Largest job functions: Sales, Support, Operations 

Most common skills: Business Travel, Finance, Sales Management 

What you should know: TripActions, a corporate travel-management platform valued at $4 billion, has hired 650 global employees this year alone, bringing its worldwide headcount to 725. The startup has over 80 roles open now, with a particular focus on engineering, product and sales. To land one of those jobs, highlight an experience scaling and building: “Give concrete examples,” says Krystine Dinh, director of communications. And be sure to “find the right balance between ‘I’ and ‘we.'”

Visit TripActions on its website and LinkedIn.

6. Lime


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2017

US headcount: 350

Largest job functions: Operations, Engineering, Human Resources

Most common skills: Data Analysis, Operations Management, Analytics

What you should know: Lime is one of the startups at the forefront of the scooter craze sweeping America. After introducing its dockless bikes and scooters to nearly 100 American cities over the past two years, Lime is well-versed in the challenges of dealing with diverse interests — and it values those related skills in job candidates. “We emphasize respect, empathy, strong communication skills and data-driven results that prioritize what’s best for everyone,” says Laura Ventura, global head of recruiting.

Visit Lime on its website and LinkedIn.

5. Nuro


Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Year founded: 2016

US headcount: 300

Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Human Resources 

Most common skills: Python, C++, Machine Learning

What you should know: Nuro, a robotics company in the self-driving race with its own fleet of small delivery pods, has over 200 open positions and is looking for people who are motivated by big challenges. “Our team prioritizes strategic thinking across all functions and a curiosity to explore the unknown,” says Tadhg Bourke, head of people and places. “Expect to be tested both in the quality of your work and your creative problem solving.”

Visit Nuro on its website and LinkedIn.


4. Robinhood


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Year founded: 2013

US headcount: 500

Largest job functions: Engineering, Finance, Human Resources 

Most common skills: Python, Software Development, Java

What you should know: Robinhood lets customers buy and sell stocks and exchange-traded funds on their phones without paying a commission. The fintech startup secured a $323 million funding round in July, landing it a whopping $7.6 billion valuation. Job seekers in engineering and compliance will find a number of opportunities at the company, many of which are located in its Lake Mary, Florida, office.

Visit Robinhood on its website and LinkedIn

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3. DoorDash


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2013

US headcount: 1,780

Largest job functions: Operations, Sales, Engineering

Most common skills: Customer Satisfaction, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis

What you should know: The on-demand food delivery app has doubled its employee base every year in its six-year history. With its recent acquisition of competitor Caviar, the startup is revving up its growth. Looking to land a job there? DoorDash is looking for workers with “courage and grit” who are “quick, adaptable and resilient,” says Chief People Officer Sarah Wagener.

Visit DoorDash on its website and LinkedIn.

2. Samsara


Headquarters: San Francisco

Year founded: 2015

US headcount: 1,115

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Human Resources

Most common skills: Salesforce, Cloud Computing, Sales Management

What you should know: Samsara combines the power of hardware (Think: sensors and cameras) with analytical software to boost efficiency in industries such as trucking and food production. The startup has some 280 open roles across everything from engineering to sales to marketing — and that’s just the start. “In the next year, our plan is to hire approximately 1,000 new employees to build new products, enter new markets and support our expanding customer base,” says Melissa Yeh, Samsara’s head of people and places.

Visit Samsara on its website and LinkedIn.

1. Snowflake


Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Year founded: 2012

US headcount: 1,065

Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Business Development

Most common skills: Cloud Computing, Analytics, Data Warehousing

What you should know: Snowflake, which helps companies move their data to the cloud, is flying high. The startup nearly tripled its employee count, grew revenue by 257% and doubled its valuation to $3.9 billion over its last fiscal year. That growth isn’t slowing: Snowflake has over 85 jobs now open, with a focus on adding to its engineering and sales teams.

Visit Snowflake on its website and LinkedIn.

*Company insights were sourced from LinkedIn Talent Insights. Data reflects aggregated public member data from active LinkedIn profiles in the relevant country and includes full-time employee profiles associated with the company on LinkedIn. We exclude members who identify as part-time or contractors. Headcounts are provided by the companies directly, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk. Those headcounts are based on LinkedIn data. The insights reflect data as of June 2019.