See inside Amtrak's luxurious new train cars that are the closest thing to European rail the US has yet seen


Amtrak new Acela trains interior

  • Amtrak’s newest trains are set to arrive in 2021 and will be put to work on the Acela service from Boston to Washington, DC.
  • The operator previewed the cars’ interiors this week — and they look plenty luxurious.
  • In addition to bigger, more comfortable seats, the café car and bathrooms have also been upgraded. 
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When Amtrak’s newest Acela trainsets arrive in 2021, not only will travelers get a faster trip between Boston, New York, and Washington D.C., but a more posh interior as well.

The agency showed off the new cars’ upgraded interiors this week at its headquarters in Delaware, where the tour included mock-ups of both business and first-class, as well as the cars’ bathrooms, galley, and driver’s cab.

“The new trains will provide world-class accommodations and amenities, along with a smoother and even more comfortable ride,” Amtrak said in a press release. “The trainsets are being manufactured at Alstom’s Hornell, NY, facility and each trainset will offer more seating capacity with 378 seats to offer the spacious, high-end comfort our customers expect.”

Here’s a look inside:

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Each car will have 25% more seats than before, Amtrak says. Sleek new overhead luggage racks and digital signage add to the futuristic look.

Every seat has a personal power outlet for charging phones, computers, and other devices. There are also USB ports and individual reading lights.

No more reaching over your seatmate to get to the inconvenient outlet.

The seats are made from recycled leather. Winged headrests, not unlike those on some planes, make it easier to fall asleep.

Double tray tables make it easy to customize your seat for working, eating, or anything else.

If you’ve ever tried to walk down the aisle of a bumpy train, you’ll be thankful for the new seat-top handles.

The passengers who avoid being spilled on will probably like them too.

The Cafe Cars have been upgraded, too. No more waiting in lines that extend to the next car.

Here’s a behind-the-counter look at the new prep space, as well as a digital menu board.

And if you’re tired of sitting, the new “nest area” features hip rests and a bar-like counter for drinks and food.

Say goodbye to touching gross bathroom fixtures: new lavatories feature all touch-less technology as well as changing tables for traveling families.

In order to achieve higher speeds on the US’ antiquated infrastructure, the new Acela trains have a “tilting technology” so the forces around curves aren’t as jarring.

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