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iPhone 6 to have 13MP camera and bigger battery: Reports

New Delhi, 18 July-2014, TOI Tech: Speculations about the next-generation iPhone refuse to die. The latest rumours suggest major upgrades on camera, processor and battery fronts for the new iPhone.

iPhone 6 to have 13MP camera and bigger battery: Reports

iPhone 6 to have 13MP camera and bigger battery: Reports

As per a post on Chinese website Digi Wo, Apple will use the Sony Exmor RS IMX220 sensor in the next-generation iPhone. Sony Exmor RS IMX220 has a 13MP, ½.3-inch sensor and comes with 1080p video recording.

Apple has used Sony Exmor RS sensors since iPhone 4S. While rivals like Samsung, Sony, LG etc have been using cameras with 13MP+ cameras since last year, Apple’s iPhones have remained stuck on 8MP sensors. Nokia’s Lumia 1020 has the highest megapixel count among smartphones: 41MP.

The Digi Wo post says that Sony will use the same sensor in its upcoming Xperia Z3 smartphone, but with a 20MP lens.

iPhone 6 will also get a processor upgrade, and the next-generation A8 chip will be smaller in size but much faster. A report by Chinese website CNBeta.com says that the dual-core A8 chip will run at 2GHz, a higher clock speed than A7’s 1.3GHz. It will be developed on the 20nm process unlike A7’s 28nm process, which making iPhone 6’s processor more energy efficient compared to iPhone 5S.

Apple will also increase the battery capacity of the 4.7-inch iPhone. French website NowhereElse has posted a photo of the battery of the upcoming Apple smartphone, which shows that the next model will run on a 1,810mAh battery. This is a big increase over the 1,560mAh battery of iPhone 5S and 1,440mAh battery of iPhone 5.

However, the increase in battery capacity may not result in better battery life for iPhone 6. It is likely that the smartphone require more capacity to run just as long as iPhone 5S due to the extra screen size.

Earlier reports have said that the next-generation iPhone is already under production and will be unveiled in September. It is expected to hit the stores on September 19 and have a number of biometric features. iPhone 6 is said to have a sapphire glass display, redesigned looks, 6.2mm thickness, solar charging and NFC.

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