Best Websites & Browser Plugins To Improve Your Netflix Experience


Netflix is awesome but it’s not always so easy to find something new to watch. Sure, you could browse, use the app on your phone, or stream Netflix to your TV to search through the videos, but there are actually several other tools you can take advantage of.

Netflix’s default searching abilities aren’t as great as what some third-party Netflix tools offer. With some of the websites below, you can browse through all of Netflix’s movies or TV shows based on the genre, and even filter the results by rating and year, something Netflix doesn’t allow on its website or its apps.

Soon On Netflix

Soon On Netflix is a website that tells you what will soon be available on Netflix. If you’re always wondering what new shows and movies are coming to Netflix or when your favorite series is coming out with a new season, you’ll need this website.

You can search for shows or browse the
homepage for all the movies and shows that are coming out really soon. This
website also shows you which TV shows Netflix has cancelled and the shows that
have ended for good.

Full List of Movies on Netflix

This website is a must-have if you’re a super-picky Netflix watcher. has a full list of movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix, complete with five filtering options so that you can find something specific.

You can sort by type (movie or TV show), IMDb
score, Rotten Tomatoes rating, release year, and genre. As an example, maybe
you’re in the mood for an action movie that’s rated at least 7.0 on IMDb and
isn’t lower than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but you also want it to have been
released sometime after the year 2000.

Once you get those results, you can even sort
them by all of the ratings, see the newest movies first, or the ones that are
rated the highest.

Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette is another tool from that’s perfect if you don’t know what to watch on Netflix but you’re too lazy to actually look through the full list. Just make a game out of it, and let this tool choose for you.

Netflix Roulette does just want you think. It
picks a random movie or TV show from any genre. But that’s not all. You can
also choose a minimum IMDb rating and/or Rotten Tomatoes score to further
refine the results.

If you don’t like the results, you can hit the
SPIN button as many times as possible
to get a new recommended video to watch on Netflix. When you’re ready, just hit
Watch to open the movie in your

What’s On Netflix

What’s on Netflix is a website dedicated to all things Netflix. See what’s new on the website, what’s coming soon, movies and shows that are leaving Netflix soon, Netflix news, Netflix originals, and a whole list of the Netflix library.

The Netflix Catalog sorts all of the movies, shows, and documentaries alphabetically so you can search to instantly find any title. They’re also listed by TV network, decade, genre, feature (e.g., interactive, concerts, 4K), and franchise (such as DC movies).

The List of Netflix Categories page is also phenomenal. Netflix lets you browse primary genres to find cult movies, thrillers, dramas, action films, etc. However, there are literally thousands of other ones that are way more specific and could be a lot more helpful in finding your next movie or TV show.

To use the secret Netflix category search,
search for something, such as an actor’s name or a genre. The list will
populate results immediately, including a category ID number off to the right.
This is the number you need to find the secret categories on Netflix.

Replace #
in the URL below with the number from the results, and then visit that page in
your browser.

For example, Chinese crime dramas are categorized with the ID 371, so that URL would be

Another fun area of What’s on Netflix is the Most Popular on Netflix Right Now page, which attempts to list the top 25 titles on Netflix.

Reddit’s r/NetflixBestOf

Sometimes, the best way to find out what to
watch on Netflix is to communicate with other real people. There’s an entire
subreddit on Reddit dedicated to users posting about their favorite Netflix TV
shows and movies.

You can sort the posts by Top to see some of the more popular posts, or New to see what’s happening right now.

With over one million members, the /rNetflixBestOf subreddit is a great source of feedback from other Netflix users, meaning it’s a wonderful method for you to find some great new flicks.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that lets you watch movies with your friends. It features a chat window on the side of the video player so that everybody can chat about the film in real time. The party creator can even pause the video for everyone at once.

To make a Netflix party with this extension,
someone needs to start the party and create a URL, and then share it with
everyone else. Everyone also needs access to the extension and a Netflix
account; the shared link doesn’t share the Netflix login details.