PewDiePie mourns the possible death of a fellow YouTuber who 'successfully trolled' his massive fanbase


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  • Friends of YouTuber Dillon the Hacker, who has 137,000 subscribers, are saying the entertainer has died.
  • Dillon the Hacker, whose real name is Dillon Henderson, gained an audience by making satirical content about popular YouTube gamers, including videos trolling PewDiePie and his fanbase.
  • Business Insider has not been able to independently confirm Henderson’s death, and details are scarce besides posts on social media from friends.
  • PewDiePie tweeted his condolences Thursday morning to Henderson’s family and friends, saying the YouTuber was a “talented young comedian” who “successfully trolled my entire audience at one point.”
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Popular YouTuber PewDiePie and his fans are mourning the possible death of a fellow YouTuber who “successfully trolled” PewDiePie’s audience for years.

Friends of Dillon Henderson, who went by Dillon the Hacker on YouTube, have posted on Twitter saying Henderson died in July. Details are scarce, and Business Insider has not been able to confirm the YouTuber’s death. The 20-year-old, whose YouTube channel has 137,000 subscribers, gained a following by posting emotional and satirical videos about popular YouTube gamers.

Among Henderson’s videos were at least two dozen videos roasting PewDiePie, some of which have more than 1 million views. Henderson went on long rants about how he had taken over PewDiePie’s channel, become his social media manager, and even stolen PewDiePie’s then-girlfriend, now-wife, Marzia.

These videos caught the attention of PewDiePie himself, who dedicated an entire video on his channel in 2016 to reacting to Dillon the Hacker’s content.

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PewDiePie shared his condolences to Henderson and his loved ones on Thursday morning. In a Twitter post, PewDiePie called him a “talented young comedian” who “successfully trolled my entire audience at one point.”

Soon after PewDiePie posted his tweet, “RIP Dillon” was trending on Twitter as some of the YouTuber’s massive fanbase mourned Henderson’s death as well.

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