The Google exec at the centre of explosive #MeToo allegations is one of the highest paid at the firm, earning $47 million


David Drummond

  • David Drummond, the Google executive at the centre of explosive #MeToo claims from a former colleague, is one of the highest paid at the company.
  • Filings show Drummond was paid $47 million in 2018 by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Most of this came in the form of equity.
  • Former Google manager Jennifer Blakely published an account on Wednesday of her relationship with Drummond, alleging that the pair had an affair while at Google, had a son together, and that Drummond then cut Blakely off.
  • Neither Drummond or Google have responded to the allegations.
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David Drummond, the top Google lawyer at the centre of explosive claims of a sexist workplace culture, is one of the best paid executives at the firm.

Public filings show that Drummond, who has worked for Google and its parent firm Alphabet since 2002, is in the upper echelons, receiving $47 million in compensation. His salary was $650,00, and the remaining $46.6 million came in the form of equity.

This is a huge jump up from the previous two years, when Drummond’s salary represented the majority of his compensation. The New York Times reported that Drummond has earned roughly $190 million in the form of stock options and awards since 2011.

In 2018 Drummond was Alphabet’s second highest-paid exec, after CFO Ruth Porat who made roughly $100,000 more. CEO Sundar Pichai, who has eschewed being paid in stock for the last two years, received $1.8 million last year. In 2016 Pichai’s payout was just under $200 million. Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page no longer draw any compensation.

Drummond is in the spotlight after a former Googler posted an account of her extramarital relationship with him.

Jennifer Blakely previously worked with Drummond in Google’s legal department, and on Wednesday published a Medium post describing how the pair had an extramarital relationship in 2004 and had a child together in 2007.

According to Blakely’s version of events, she was subsequently cut off by Drummond in 2008 when he left for San Francisco with two female Google employees after a dinner party and sent Blakely a text saying “Don’t expect me back. I’m never coming back.”

She then describes lengthy battles with his lawyers over child support.

Google was not immediately available for comment on the story when contacted by Business Insider. Drummond has not commented publicly on the story.

Her account ties in with a bombshell report from the New York Times published last October which detailed how Android inventor and executive Andy Rubin received a $90 million payout when he left the company after being credibly accused of sexual misconduct. Rubin denied the allegations.

Blakely gave some details about her and Drummond’s relationship in the Times’ article, and said Drummond’s ability to have a thriving career at Google, “amplifies the message that for a select few, there are no consequences.”

News of Rubin’s payout in October sparked the 20,000-strong Google walkout protest, and Blakely’s account has already prompted outcry from current and former Googlers on social media.

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