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The Series A pitch decks that helped growing startups raise tens of millions


  • Startups raising money in the Series A stage are usually just a few years old. But the size of Series A funding rounds has mushroomed in recent years and can now sometimes top $50 million. 
  • One thing all Series A startups have in common is the need to take a proven product idea and give it traction in the marketplace. That means starting to generate revenue, developing a marketing strategy and building a team that’s bigger than just the founders.
  • Here are the pitch decks that startups have successfully used during the critical Series A funding rounds.
  • Business Insider regularly interviews startups about fundraising strategies and collects the pitch decks that helped them raise funding. You can read them all by subscribing to BI Prime.


  • Amify: The pitch deck a Virginia startup used to raise $6 million after 7 years of bootstrapping its business
  • Arcus: The buzzy fintech startup Arcus has raised nearly $13 million. Here’s the pitch deck that’s helping it woo top VCs like Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Bind: We got a look at the slide deck of Bind, a startup that’s raised $70 million to upend the way we pay for healthcare
  • Day One Ventures: The deck a 29-year-old Russian-born VC used to persuade investors to contribute millions to her fund
  • Divvy: The investor deck that helped the real-estate startup Divvy raise a $30 million Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz
  • Headset: We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck buzzy marijuana tech startup Headset used to raise $12 million and ink deals with Nielsen and Deloitte
  • Hometalk: The deck a New York startup used to raise $15 million to expand the services it offers its community of 17 million DIYers
  • Pixeom: The deck a Silicon Valley startup used to raise $15 million to promote its edge-computing service
  • Recogni: This founder’s startup developed a super-efficient chip to help self-driving cars ‘see’ the world around them. Here’s the pitch deck it used to raise $25 million to get the chip in production.
  • Sandbox VR: Check out the deck that Sandbox VR used to get Andreessen Horowitz as lead investor in a $68 million round, and watch the investors discuss the pitch
  • Seedo: Here’s the pitch deck that’s helped this Israeli tech company raise $11 million in private funding to build automatic, at-home weed growing machines
  • Sempre Health: We got a look at the pitch deck of buzzy Silicon Valley health-tech startup Sempre Health. It reveals how a $4 billion industry is ripe for disruption.
  • Skymind: The deck AI startup Skymind used to scoop up $11.5 million in funding
  • Thinknum: Read the comic book that data analytics startup Thinknum used instead of a pitch deck to win over investors for its $11.6 venture capital round
  • Verbit: The deck this New York startup used to raise $23 million to expand its hybrid transcription service

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