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They say everything in Texas is large and they can grow to higher education. Nearly half of the colleges and universities in nearly 100 states have established concrete programs for remote students. Of those online-accessible schools, we are bringing you 15 “best prices”. These top 15 colleges have earned at least 70 marks (100 out of 100) in our rankings.


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Teletten State University can select students from different online college positions in Texas.

Tarleton State University
Stephenville, TX

With in-state undergraduate tuition falling below $ 7,000 a year-long, it’s easy to see why there is a budget for students in a top budget in Taxon State University Taxes. But the low tuition rate is the only factor in the equation; There is also a wide range of bachelor degree programs in Tarleton industrial management from veterinary technology, students at Trailton State lacked stimulant opportunities to increase their horizons. Local residents also have the option of working at their distant distance in the evening and weekends and four convenient areas.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 6,630 / year

Score: 71

Dallas Baptist University offers online students at an affordable cost in Texas.

Dallas Baptist University
Dallas, TX

Since 1998 Dallas Baptist University has been leading the foundation of online learning based on faith when they offer a fully accredited online degree in Texas for students across the country. Today, the virtual university of DBU shows almost 60-degree programs in art and science, all of which are completely available online. Uses art-delivery methods to a popular choice for students of all backgrounds, to run online platform commitments and to retain perception. In addition to providing high-capacity education to remote students as “Panama, Mexico, China, Portugal, [and] Korea”, DBU’s commitment to virtual excellence has resulted in the completion of 92% students.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 24,890 / year

Score: 72

This is the most important online school in Texas, dedicated to educating the working people for the day.

LeTourneau University
Longview, Texas

The founders of the University of LeTourneau have prepared the school for 70 years back, as a promotion and learning center for returning experiences after World War II. So, now, LITEUs is dedicated to teaching students the need for practical knowledge and experience. LETU’s affordable online college curriculum in Texas is an agreement for this purpose’s affirmation. With nearly half the students enrolled as remote students, LETU is able to provide students with unique opportunities to develop their skills in areas like Aviation and Aeronautical Science, Biological Studies and Computer Information Systems.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 27, 9 00 / year

Score: 72

The University of Texas at El Paso offers online college courses in Texas which are perfect for thousands of years.

Texas University at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

The University of Texas at El Paso can be known as a home for miners, but students who do not wish to take any heavy loads are one of the best online colleges in Texas. Unlike heavy industrial engineering research which is famous by UETP, the school’s online degree program takes the incredibly modern slunt. Adult learners and continuing education students understand the benefits of online classes, but in Utepe’s contemporary programs, degrees in media advertising, organization and corporate communications and security studies are also included from the digital digital generation.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 7,259 / year

Score: 73

Stephen F. Austin State University is the most selective and affordable online colleges in Texas.

Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, TX
You do not know this, but Stephen F. Austin State University is the most public school in the state. And it is not hard to see why every college thinker submits the application every year. For starters, SFA’s in-state tuition has become one of the most affordable online schools in Texas. But the low prices do not fully explain the love affair of students online. More than 20 professional-focused online degree programs, highly flexible courses and components of support services that meet the needs of working students, and Stephen F. It is clear that Austin won the minds of many dedicated space learners.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 7,560 / year

Score: 75

Lemar University offers the best choice of online college courses affordable in Texas.

Lemar University
Beaumont, TX

Remembers working in Lamar University do not have to compromise their interests or careers for online definitions. Through the 100+ degree program available to traditional, campus students, Lemar offers them 50% of online offers and compares the options and opportunities for remote students. Lemar is a top online school in Texas; Programs that are not usually like online students – such as movie studies, journalism and broadcasting communications – are in touch with digital education across the country.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 8,002 / year

Score: 78

Students from North Texas University in Texas can choose from many meaningful online degrees.

North Texas University
Danton, Texas

University of North Texas News, Forbes and Washington Post praised Texas’s top online college rankings. This is another feature in the long list of studies found in this Best Value School. Still, it is worth taking a moment to compliment additional online activities of UNT, which gives access to a five career-centric, 100% online degree program that extends on topics like information, public relations, and community services. And for in-state students, this admission comes at less than $ 10,000 per year! Many of these programs also have concentration options that enable online learners to get the same academic versatility interest.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 9, 730 / year

Score: 79

Western Texas A & M University is famous for Texas-based online colleges.

West Texas A & M University
Canyon, Texas

Believe it or not, West Texas A & M University offers more US than North Texas University News awards have been received. WTAMU has established a reputation as one of the best online colleges in Texas – for its online graduate programs, as well as for its online graduate business and nationwide approval for MBA programs. WTAMU Online is a good choice for any student of any career to choose the next step for completing a graduate program in Business Administration (with multiple features) from degree management programs in Applied Arts and Sciences and Emergency Management Administration.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 7,041 / year

Score: 79

Houston University offers the best online degree in Texas for retailers and sales managers.

University of Houston
Houston, TX

Houston University in Texas is the best online college to take a step in the competition for rational and management professionals. If Houston does not offer the most comprehensive selection of undergraduate degree programs, 100% online psychology and retailing and customer science positions are best in this industry. Without the exceptional quality of these programs – Not to mention the highly competitive pricing – The strongest selling point is made up of the university’s adaptive scheduling policies, so that students have complete control over how much their degree can get, how and when.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 8,759 / year

Score: 79

The future Tech Inovniers in Texas, which is essential in Texas Tech University, will get all the affordable online colleges.

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
If the University of Houston is an educational mecca for retailers and retailers, Texas Tech University is practically a Silicon Valley. Although it may be a little neutral, it is not very urgent to say that TTU’s best online schools in Texas do not match the degree of a completely online graduate degree program in science and engineering. In addition to providing unique and challenging degrees like Plant and Soil Sciences, TTU also has minorities and certifications in high-tech fields like wind power, nuclear engineering and technical communications.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 8,028 / year

Score: 85

Sam Houston State University offers more than 40 affordable online degrees in Texas.

Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX

Sam Houston State University is Texas’s best online degree school, Returns the highest honor in the news. But SRSU increases the level of praise with business, computer information technology and top bachelor degree award in the Criminal Justice with Trifetta and only from this year’s list! Nevertheless, these effective programs SHSU fully represent the smallest part of more than 40 digits offered online. And if for some reason we still have doubts about the quality of education we receive, then all university universities and courses leading them to know – like the things offered on campus.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 7,618 / year

Score: 86

Students of faith can grow up to spiritual leaders in this top online college in Texas.

King’s University
Southlake, texas

As the most high-ranking Christian school in our list, King’s University has a royal reputation among the top online colleges in Texas. But like many other universities in this list, TKU is not designed according to the general needs. Online students in Texas are the only choice of four full-bachelor programs, including general Christian Studies and Biblical Counseling. Needless to say, TKU mainly attracts students of faith who want to grow like a Bible scholar, minister or another church lawyer. And with more than 500 graduates – about 40% of which take online courses – Kings University does not have any verbal pain for its narrow focus.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 12, 99 / year

Score: 86

Texas Women University is not only for women; This is a top online college for all the generator students in Texas.

Texas Women University
Danton, Texas

Better or worse, Texas Women University might have been known by some misleading names. Finally, TEU has been a co-educational institution for decades now, even though the student organization remained a large number of women. To keep enrollment statistics aside, this school should be approved for its exceptional online degree program in health science – many of them will struggle to find you in any other online school in Texas. Dental Hygiene, Food System Administration, Kennethology, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, and other state-wide online programs, which are TDUs as an important player in community health throughout the state.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 6,948 / year

Score: 8 9

They can take their affordable online degree students in Commerce at Texas A & M University in Texas.

2. Texas A & M University of Commerce

Commerce, Texas

Whether you are planning to complete your graduation or starting a new scratch, the Texas A & M University of Commerce is one of the best sources of state for distance education in commerce and disciplines. In addition to 100% online bachelor degree programs on topics like organizational leadership, finance, and business analytics, TIMUC offers hybrid programs (with 50% or more classes available online) in almost a dozen other areas from Computer Science and Agribusiness. Students attending the state have to pay just over $ 6,000 a year, TAMUC’s Texas Online College Rankings has made much sense.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $ 6,202 / year

Score: 9 3

Texas’s Permian Basin University is the best online school in Texas for Industrial Technology.

University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Odessa, TX

Established 37 years ago, at the University of Texas at the Permian Basin, he has a childhood in comparison to many colleges. Fortunately, age is not only number 7, but a number that has reduced its success to disturb the distance learning curriculum. In the list of major online schools in Texas, UTPB is primarily at the high level of its ability and online registration (some 70% of undergraduates take some or all online courses). But that’s not all; In fact, one of his biggest claims of publicity, as a leader in industrial technology education. Thanks to the local oil elevation, UTPB has become one of the most prestigious and fast growing engineering colleges in the country.