The world's biggest cruise ship has robot bartenders, rock-climbing walls, and a nine-story zip-line — here's what it looks like inside (RCL)


royal caribbean symphony of the seas

  • Royal Caribbean’s 228,081-ton Symphony of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship.
  • It debuted in 2018.
  • The ship has 22 restaurants, 42 bars and lounges, theaters, an ice rink, and a zip line.
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For Royal Caribbean, bigger is better. 

In 2018, the cruise line debuted the world’s largest cruise ship, the 228,081-ton Symphony of the Seas, which follows the previous record holder, Royal Caribbean’s 226,963-ton Harmony of the Seas. But according to CEO Michael Bayley, a ship’s size is a function of the company’s desire to pack enough dining, entertainment, and lodging options to make all of its passengers happy — not a goal in itself.

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“When we set out to design ships originally in the concept phase, we don’t get caught up in size. We really get caught up in concept and what we’re trying to deliver,” he said in a 2018 interview with Business Insider.

At 1,188 feet long and over 215 feet wide, the Symphony of the Seas has a wide variety of food and entertainment options, including 22 restaurants, 42 bars and lounges, theaters, an ice rink, and a zip line.

Here’s a look inside the world’s largest cruise ship.

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The Symphony of the Seas can hold up to 6,680 passengers.

The ship took three years to build.

Customers can choose from 2,759 rooms.

Including the 1,346-square-foot Ultimate Family Suite.

Passengers have access to 24 pools, whirlpools, surf simulators, and waterslides.

This is the top of the Ultimate Abyss, which sends riders down a 92-foot drop.

Splashaway Bay is a playground-water park hybrid.

Hot tubs are available for those who want to relax.

As is the Vitality at Sea Spa.

The boat is divided into seven “neighborhoods.” The Central Park neighborhood holds over 20,700 plants.

At the Bionic Bar, robot bartenders serve passengers drinks.

There are 22 restaurants, including the Alice in Wonderland-inspired Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine.

The ship has two, 43-foot-tall rock climbing walls.

And a zip-line that hangs from the ninth deck.

There’s a candy store, if you want to indulge your sweet tooth.

The ship has multiple theaters and an ice-skating rink where passengers can watch a variety of shows.

Symphony of the Seas debuted in 2018.

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