Introducing the 30 young leaders who are disrupting a $3.5 trillion industry and transforming the future of healthcare


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  • Business Insider has selected the 30 leaders under 40 who are working to transform US healthcare.
  • The list includes scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs fighting to make US healthcare better for everyone. 
  • Among the honorees are a physicist tackling cancer, a lawyer who guides startups, and a pharmacist changing how patients are cared for. Click here to see the full list.
  • This is a preview of the full list, which is available exclusively to BI Prime subscribers.

Healthcare in the US costs more than anywhere else in the world.

For our money, we do get cutting-edge drugs and medical tech. But Americans still die younger than people in other wealthy countries, and healthcare remains out of reach for many.

Meet the people fighting to make the $3.5 trillion US healthcare system better for everyone. They’re looking to big data to fight diseases, bringing care to more people in innovative ways, and using new technologies to develop cures.

For that work, they’ve been named to Business Insider’s list of the 30 leaders under 40 who are working to transform US healthcare.

Click here to see the full list of the young leaders who are transforming US healthcare.

As we selected the list, we were looking for doctors, scientists, executives, and entrepreneurs who are dedicating themselves to improving the way we take care of patients and keeping people healthy.

The 30 people below were selected from hundreds of nominations, based on their potential to improve healthcare. The list is arranged alphabetically.

Click here to meet the top young leaders transforming the future of healthcare.

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