The 9 best ways to save money on Apple products (AAPL)


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  • Apple makes some of the most coveted tech gadgets on the market. They are also some of the most expensive.
  • There are lots of ways to shave a bit off the top of your Apple purchase price, or at least get an extra thrown in.
  • If you want deep discounts, your best option is to buy used or refurbished Apple products.
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When you buy a new Apple Watch, Mac computer, iPad, or iPhone, the delight of playing with your new device can be overshadowed by the hole it left in your bank account.

But there are lots of ways you can save a bit on the price of a new Apple product without giving up the delight of the  latest tech innovations. If you’re willing to forgo some of the bells and whistles in exchange for a good deal, buying used is your best option for big savings.

Here are 9 of the best ways to save money on Apple products.

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1. Buy certified refurbished products.

Buying certified refurbished products from Apple is the best way to get a discount on a current or almost-current generation Apple product.

Refurbished products have new cases and cables and have been thoroughly vetted by Apple. Certified refurbished products come with the same warranty as new Apple products and you can also buy Apple Care.

The selection of refurbished products changes often, so keep checking back if you don’t see the product or model you want. Refurbished products are discounted up to 15% off the price to buy the same product new.

2. Go back a generation.

When Apple releases a new iPhone, it drops the price on the previous generation of iPhone. The same is often true of other Apple devices. If you can wait, you can expect a price drop. For example, Apple took $100 off the iPhone 8 after the iPhone XS came out.

3. Buy second-hand.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can score the biggest savings on Apple products when you buy them used. When the tech-addicted masses flock to grab the latest iPhone, MacBook, or Apple Watch, you can snap up the previous generation for much less than you would pay for a new device. 

How-To Geek noted that, although buying used will get you the best price, Apple devices retain more value that most used tech. But be sure to compare prices for older Apple models between new and used — if you can buy the same older model new from Apple for an extra $100, that might be a better choice.

4. Get an education discount.

You are eligible for Apple’s education discount if you are a student or if you work as an educator, but you’ll need to prove it to Apple by showing a school ID or other proof of your educational affiliation.

Apple’s educational discounts can mean money off your purchase or the inclusion of a freebie, such as Beats wireless headphones.

5. Use the military and veteran discount.

Apple offers a veterans and military purchase plan to active duty military personnel, veterans, and members of the National Guard and Reserve. Family members who live with someone who qualifies for this discount can get it as well.

6. Trade in your old device.

When you buy a new Apple product at the Apple Store, you can trade in your old one and get cash back. The amount you’ll get will vary depending on the original value of your trade-in, plus its age and condition — for example, you can get up to $400 for your iPhone and up to $1,400 for a Mac computer, according to Apple’s trade-in page.

Apple will even give you money for smartphones made by other manufacturers. Apple won’t give a trade-in allowance on some older devices, but it will recycle them for you (you just might have to pay a fee for recycling).

7. Shop Apple’s back-to-school sale.

Apple doesn’t really do sales, but you can count on some back-to-school deals in the summer. You can only get the sale deals if you are a student or educator. This year, the deal is free Beats headphones when you buy an eligible computer or iPad.

The 2019 sale runs from July 9 through September 26.

8. Shop Mac deals.

Apple may not have sales often, but authorized resellers like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and MacMall do offer discounts.

Brad’s Deals recommends shopping resellers to find deals and looking for sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And MacRumors posts a roundup of Apple deals that gives you a current price comparison of major Apple resellers and the Apple Store by product.

9. Check out Best Buy Outlet for bargains.

Best Buy sells open-box products (also known as returns) at a discount. A recent search showed MacBooks selling for about $200 off the price to buy the models new. Different stores will have different products in their open box stock, so check around at your local stores, or look to buy open box items online.