Bots That Will Instantly Make Your Facebook Messenger More Useful


Facebook Messenger bots are probably the most useful tool you didn’t even know existed until now. You can receive alerts and information directly in Messenger, a tool you probably currently use just for staying in touch with friends.

But businesses are rushing to find a way to use Facebook Messenger to engage their own customers. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for developing your own bots or you just want to make Messenger a little more useful, here are some of the best Facebook Messenger bots available.

HP Print Bot

Printing from your phone may be easy when you’re at home, but what about when you’re away? The HP Print Bot lets you print to your HP printer no matter where you are.

To get started, click the Send Message button at the top of the HP Print Bot Facebook page and you’ll be guided through setting things up. When you’re ready to print a photo, just send it to HP Print Bot and it will take it from there.

HealthTap Facebook Bot

If, like most people, you have random medical questions throughout the day, HealthTap has you covered. Simply go to HealthTap in Facebook Messenger and send your question. From there, you’ll be given answers from the HealthTap database of answers from experts.

If the standard answers aren’t sufficient, you can follow the prompts to get an answer from someone in HealthTap’s network of doctors. Typical turnaround for a personal response is one day.

theScore Chatbot

There are plenty of sports update bots around, but if you follow more than one sport, you’ll want one like theScore’s Facebook Messenger chatbot. Simply click Get Started and enter the name of a sports team you’d like to follow.

You can use theScore to keep up with NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. You’ll be prompted to follow the teams theScore’s bot recomends, or you can enter the names of any other teams you like.

Kayak for Facebook Messenger

Get a little help planning your vacation directly in Messenger. Simply go to Kayak’s messenger account, click Get Started, and search flights, hotels, or things to do.

You can also enter questions like, “Where can I go for $500?” or, “When’s the best time to fly to Los Angeles?” If you choose Find Things to Do and enter a city, you’ll get a list of clickable suggestions.

Job Bot

If you’re in the market for a new job, Job Bot is ready to help. Provide your city and the type of job you want and you’ll get a list of applicable jobs. At the end of each search, Job Bot will ask if you want to sign up for alerts for any new posted jobs that meet that criteria. If you want to be able to apply for openings directly from Facebook messenger, you’ll just need to set up a career profile.

Consider the many ways bots could benefit you and search to find if a Facebook Messenger bot can help. Many businesses are using bots to make it easier for customers to make appointments and place orders, so check to see if your favorite companies have Messenger bots that can help.