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Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

All of us are well acquainted with constant climate change and how it is gravely affecting the environment. The change in the planet’s atmosphere and ecosystem has had catastrophic consequences globally. The droughts, wildfires, shortage of rain, floods, and melting glaciers are a testament to the adverse shift in the climate.

The sun provides us with plenty of energy to consume and to use as renewable energy. In India, renewable energy in terms of solar is rapidly growing and contributing to the economy. The rapid growth of solar has pushed the government to make large solar parks and install solar panels for significant government buildings across the nation. Solar energy doesn’t only help save money but also helps protect the environment significantly. Choosing to be a part of solar revolution doesn’t necessarily mean a large scale installation, it can also be installed in houses to make your contribution in saving the environment while saving money.

While saving the planet, it is important to keep in mind to install the best solar panels and other solar accessories. Opting for products that are low in quality will eventually lead you to pay an additional cost for repairs. Brands like Luminous that have been in the business for over two decades have made their impact as the best makers for solar panels. Their solar products are excellent in low-light performance, resilience to extreme weather, have PID resistance technology, best in class efficiency, and much more. In case you ever run into any trouble, you are also provided with a 25 year warranty with your products.

Here’s how participating in the solar movement will help you save the environment.

Saving the Environment by Going Solar

Reduces Air Pollution

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gases are non-renewable and mining and combusting them is harmful for the environment. Emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide is primarily because of these non-renewable resources. These cause an increase in air pollution and contribute gravely to climate change.

Solar energy, on the other hand, is renewable and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. When it comes to generating energy, solar system doesn’t require fossil fuels. All these factors lead to a major decrease in the level of air pollution.

Reduces Water Consumption

To generate energy, solar power doesn’t need any water. However, the manufacturing process of solar panels does require some water but none to generate electricity. Thermal power plants require gallons of water to cool down, once they have generated electricity. With solar, there is no exploitation of water resources for generating energy in the form of electricity.

Reduction in Hazardous Waste

As mentioned earlier, various harmful gases such as carbon dioxide along with other air pollutants, are released into the atmosphere. One of the significant contributors to this phenomenon is the coal-fired plants that release tons of toxic waste. The hazardous waste that is produced in the energy generating process is disposed off in landfills and abandoned mines. Also, harmful chemicals are dumped in local water source; this is not only harmful for the people living near the sites but also the environment.

Being a renewable source of energy, solar energy is clean and doesn’t produce any toxins.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gases are produced when fossil fuels are burned and raise the global temperature that leads to climate change. These greenhouse gases eventually cause extreme weather changes, sea level rises, and ecosystem shifts. By going solar, you decrease the demand for fossil fuels and limit the greenhouse gas emission drastically. This move eventually contributes greatly in reducing carbon footprint.

Solar is a smart investment not only for the environment but also monetarily. It is the cleanest and purest source of producing energy that is derived from the sun. With fossil fuels being finite, the switch to solar energy is a great alternative to produce independent energy and to save the environment. Don’t delay in making an impact, make the switch now, and install solar panels on your rooftops.