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We checked out the neighborhood where Apple is building a new Seattle campus, just blocks away from Amazon HQ (AAPL)

Space Needle

  • In June, Apple announced 333 Dexter Ave. as the home of its new Seattle campus, as GeekWire reported.
  • This building will include two 12-story towers that can ultimately house 3,000 to 4,500 employees.
  • When Apple opens this Seattle campus, it will only serve to fuel the talent wars with Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Business Insider checked out the surrounding neighborhood.
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Apple is investing in Seattle in a big way. 

As GeekWire originally reported in June, Apple has plans to open up a new office in Seattle, with ambitions to have as many as 2,000 employees lining its hallways within the next five years, as GeekWire reported. That would be up from the some 500 employees Apple currently has in the city. 

Notably, this new Seattle campus would make Apple all but neighbors with the city’s other big tech company — the new Apple building is in the heart of the city, mere blocks away from Amazon’s urban headquarters. With Facebook and Google also investing in Seattle, and Microsoft’s headquarters located right outside the city, the talent wars only look to escalate. 

On a recent trip to Seattle, I took a look around Apple’s new neighborhood. Take a look:

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Apple has announced that it’s expanding its presence in Seattle. I checked out the area where Apple is putting down roots on a recent visit to the city.

In June, Apple announced that it will pick 333 Dexter Ave. for its new Seattle campus.

Construction has already begun at this office complex.

Ultimately, these buildings will be able to hold about 3,000 to 4,500 employees.

The campus will include two 12-story office towers totaling 630,000 square feet.

Already, Apple has pledged to have at least 2,000 workers in this office by the end of the year.

Source: GeekWire

Here’s what the neighborhood looks like.

You can see Seattle’s famous Space Needle from here.

In fact, it’s only a 15-minute walk away.

It’s also close to Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, which was founded by the late Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. Seattle has deep ties to Big Tech.

Apple’s new campus will be only an 11 minute walk from Amazon’s headquarters, as marked by the now-iconic Amazon Spheres.

Apple is only going to fuel the talent wars in Seattle once it officially opens up shop.

Amazon and Microsoft both make their homes in and around the city, and Google and Facebook have been expanding their Seattle presences, too. In fact, Google and Facebook have also started to move in on Amazon’s turf.

Source: GeekWire

333 Dexter has mostly office buildings nearby.

But it’s across the street from a gym and an apartment complex.

Speaking of apartments: Housing in Seattle is still expensive, relative to the rest of the country — the average home price in the city is $784,925, as the Seattle Times recently reported. Still, that’s cheaper than the $1.13 million median home price in Santa Clara county, where Apple’s Cupertino mothership is located. 

As well as a Holiday Inn Express.

It’s also across from this CrossFit gym.

It’s right off of State Route 99, which could make it convenient for commuters.

Apple plans to have 2,000 employees to Seattle over the next five years, adding 200 by the end of this year.

The new campus will be open by the end of 2019.