Five Construction Nightmares and how to avoid them?

Here are the answers you’ve been looking for on the 5 biggest problems facing construction professionals today.

  1. Paying advance to the contractor

Issue: The contractor requests for money before completing the job

Solution: the contractor payment should never be done before you are sure that the construction is done satisfactorily if you agreed to get the payment done in advance then please ensure that money goes to escrow and not into any spending active account this is a net for safety e of your money in case the work doesn’t go as planned.

  1. Unexpected costs during construction

Issue: During construction, there might be certain unforeseen conditions like loose soil, dry rot or termite damage.

Solution: Initially budget and keep some funds aside for such unexpected costs that might occur which is not due to the contractor’s fault. In this way, your construction agreement already has funds for unforeseen circumstances.

So then the contractor will have to explain the unforeseen conditions that occurred and with proper explanations, third party check if required that cost can be released.

  1. Delays

Problems: The contractor might delay the project due to his reasons.

Solution: Before getting into an agreement with the contractor ask for the work schedule from the contractor wherein he assures you of getting the construction done in a certain period.

Get this schedule included in the contract and fix a certain penalty for delaying beyond the deadline. This makes it easier to track the progress and any delay could be addressed and solved quickly. These would be several acceptable delay reasons and make sure you resolve it quickly if it is from your end.

  1. A proper set of blueprints

Issue: the contractor might be using old drawings and Execute based on the same.

Solution: This is a quite common issue faced which could be avoided by keeping an updated set of blueprints at a site with the latest date.

The revision in any of the drawings needs to be updated to everyone related to the project to avoid confusion and mistakes that might occur at the site.

Always get almost all the changes done initially and ask the architect to prepare Good for Construction(GFC) drawings for execution. The building contractors shall strictly be informed to maintain the latest versions of GFC drawings at the site for reference and execution.

Any other old drawings available at the site should be destroyed so that it could not be referred further.

  1. Customized Material Specification

Issue: The materials being used for construction might surprise you and would be difficult to replace once installed.

Solution: As soon as you decide to ahead on constructing a house make sure the builder/Contractor creates a detail specification of all the materials being used for the project.

Based on the materials specified you can also ensure to get exact rates of the same. The detail specifications also help to customize the materials for your requirements and keep it open for you to monitor the same being used in the project. If there is any deviation seen from the specification the homeowner can ask for replacement or else could be benefitted with the same discount for the mistake.

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