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India’s Love For Rummy Is Driving The Growth Of The Game Industry

In India, card games have been popular and a part of our socio-cultural lives for centuries. Probably every household in the country has its share of interesting family stories spun around the most popular rummy variant, Indian Rummy. Millions of people have grown up watching rummy and playing the game with their elders. Old folks, too, cherish the fun-filled family times and get-togethers marked with an exciting mix of food, fun and amazing rummy gamesIt is this deep love for traditional card games like rummy in the country that is driving the growth of the gaming industry to a large extent. Let’s take a closer look at that aspect.

Familiarity with the Game

Most Indians have grown up playing rummy game. With the shift of rummy to the digital arena, the game has gained even wider popularity. People’s familiarity with the game contributed to the rapid increase in the number of rummy players. With the rules of the game and the gameplay being almost the same, players had to only get used to the pace of the online game, which has time restrictions for playing one’s moves. The fast pace of online rummy has worked in favour of the game as it gives players an adrenaline rush, making it even more exciting for them. 

Easy Rules and Simple Play

Indians love rummy for its easy and clear rules and the high level of entertainment it provides. There is no ambiguity. Even if you are new to the game, you can learn the rules in a jiffy and start playing it immediately. It’s a card-matching game where you use your logic and reasoning skills to form appropriate sets and sequences from the cards you get.

Wide Social Acceptance

Card games like poker playing which for stakes is gambling or betting are looked down upon by Indian society. Skill games like rummy, on the other hand, involve your mental, cognitive and reasoning abilities, so they enjoy better social acceptance in India. 

Rummy a Family Entertainer for Generations

Rummy cuts across the generation gap making the game a binding factor between generations. Regardless of age differences, family members bond with each other over rummy games. Be it the grandad teaching a trick or two to his teenage granddaughter or that aunt who seems to be invincible at rummy, all connect and bond over rummy games. Ask any rummy lover, and they will probably have a childhood story to tell about playing rummy. The love for a game that connects with you emotionally can only get stronger with time. So when rummy went digital, rummy lovers couldn’t have asked for more.

In conclusion,

According to KPMG, the Indian online card gaming industry is poised for times of unprecedented growth ahead. With initiatives such as self-regulation, responsible gaming, transparency and credibility, the online card game industry is estimated to register 50-100 per cent growth year on year. 

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