Gen Z says Facebook is the number one social-media platform they've abandoned


Teens on social media

  • Many US teens are abandoning Facebook, a recent Business Insider survey found. 
  • 30% of the 1,884 young adults polled voted Facebook as an app that they previously used but don’t anymore.
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Facebook is losing its appeal with Generation Z, according to a recent survey conducted by Business Insider. 

Business Insider surveyed a group of 1,884 Americans between the ages of 13 and 21. One question asked about the social media platforms these young people previously used but don’t use anymore, and 30% said Facebook. 

The national poll was conducted with SurveyMonkey Audience partner Cint on behalf of Business Insider and ran January 11-14.

Facebook was closely followed by messaging app Kik and Skype, the free online call and video service.

what social media platforms gen zers previously used but dont anymore

While Facebook has withstood a year of privacy scandals, data shared in its most recent earnings results showed that its user growth is waning in the US. Facebook doesn’t break down its user numbers by age group, but the market that it is struggling to appeal to could feasibly be younger consumers who are just starting out on social media. 

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The January survey results tie in with another survey Business Insider conducted in March, with British market research startup Streetbees.

Streetbees polled 1,235 people across the UK, US, and India, 820 of which fell into the 18-to-25 age group.

The results indicated that while the majority of these consumers still used Facebook, it was no longer their platform of choice — Instagram was. 

Some of the young adults surveyed said that Facebook had become “boring” and that they couldn’t use the platform freely as it’s full of family members.

“It’s just not very appealing anymore, older people are using it more and my feed is often clogged up with annoying political posts. I have moved to Instagram so I could focus more on living and food and travel,” one 25-year-old said, as reported by Business Insider’s Isobel Hamilton. 

In other comments, users described Facebook as “outdated.” 

A love-hate relationship with Instagram

In the first survey, Gen Zers voted Instagram as the top social media platform they use on a daily basis, beating out YouTube, Snap, Facebook, and Twitter. However, it also scored highly on the ranking of apps that teens have abandoned. Just over 20% of those surveyed said that they don’t use Instagram anymore. 

This could be reflective of the love-hate relationship that some consumers have with Instagram. Instagram has been labeled as one of the worst social media platforms for mental health thanks to the FOMO culture it creates. 

Earlier this month, Selena Gomez, who has 152 million Instagram followers, said that she removed Instagram from her phone because it was making her “depressed.”

“It’s just become really unhealthy, I think personally, for young people including myself, to spend all of their time fixating on all these comments and letting this stuff in, and it was affecting me,” she said on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” in June.

“It would make me depressed. It would make me feel not good about myself, and look at my body differently, and all kinds of stuff,” she said. 

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