Watch the moment these guests on a YouTube talk show realize they're sitting through one of the California earthquakes


youtube california earthquake

  • YouTube personality John Campea was recording a segment his daily talk show Thursday when one of the California earthquakes occurred.
  • In a video, Campea and his two talk show guests notice the earthquake getting gradually more violent, and objects behind Campea can be seen falling to the ground.
  • See below for the video clip showing the moment when the YouTube live-streamers realize they’re sitting through an earthquake.
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A YouTuber hosting his daily talk show Thursday recorded the moment one of the California earthquakes hit, and the terrified reactions of his guests.

John Campea is a YouTube personality with just over 176,000 followers. He hosts a daily talk show on his channel called “The John Campea Show” to talk about movies and TV, and frequently invites guests for discussion and banter.

However, Campea and his guests got a little more than they bargained for when recording a segment Thursday. In a video Campea posted to YouTube, Campea (on the left) and his two guests are chatting when each person start to realize that the ground is shaking. You can see their microphones and mic stands start to wobble in front of them.

“We’re actually having an earthquake right now,” Campea says into his microphone, as the two guests stare open-mouthed in surprise.

About 20 seconds after the group first notices the tremors, the shaking starts getting more violent, and causes some objects to fall off of the shelves situated behind Campea.

Campea quickly ends to segment. No one appeared hurt, and Campea shared the video clip across his social media channels later Thursday.

What a way to start the 4th of July!!” Campea commented on the the clip he posted on YouTube.

Two major earthquakes hit southern California this past week. The one on Thursday — the earthquake that Campea and his guests sat through — was a magnitude 6.4. The earthquake the following day shot up to a 7.1 magnitude. Property damage and fires have been reported across southern California due to the earthquakes, and officials warn that damaging aftershocks are likely to come.

Here’s a clip of the moment the earthquake hit the John Campea show:


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