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“Lynching In Jharkhand Has Pained Me”: Modi Addresses NRC, Water Crisis & EVM Issue In Rajya Sabha

PM Upper House Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, on June 26, speaking for the first time after his re-election in the upper house of the parliament stressed on multitudes of topics. The PM addressed the house replying to the ‘Motion Of Thanks On the President’s Address’ in the Rajya Sabha.

Earlier, on Tuesday, speaking in the lower house of the parliament, the PM had slammed the Congress for not realising the efforts of anyone but the members of Gandhi-Nehru family. Stating that the Congress had no connects with the masses, the PM said, “We don’t want to grow taller like you, but remain connected with roots; Don’t want to disconnect with masses.”

Highlights Of The PM’s Speech In Rajya Sabha

Democracy Lost: PM Modi stated that it is very saddening that some leader compared the BJP’s victory as depreciating democracy. Modi termed such statements unfortunate and urged that we should not question the decision of voters.

EVM Issue: Modi said, instead of blaming EVMs, we should praise our electoral process that has improved over the years. Modi further referring to polling during the 1950s said that polling and booth capturing was common at that time. Now the narrative has changed, everyone is talking about rising voter turnout, which is a healthy signal, he said.

Terming it as an unhealthy sign in a democracy, Modi said that the Congress have not been able to digest the BJP’s victory.

One Nation One Election: The PM stating that some may not like this idea or have views on this, said that it is important to present ideas and have discussions on this.

New India: Modi supporting the idea of ‘New India’, said that the opposition is slamming the idea of better India. 

Further describing the old India as a place where people supported tukde tukde gang; where Navy was used for personal trips; where numerous scams existed, Modi asked the opposition whether they want that kind of old India.

“I am sure there is no one in this house who will not like India to be part of the 5 trillion dollar economy club. Please gives us constructive suggestions, we are open to all suggestions, we don’t believe only we have all the intellect,” he added.

Jharkhand Lynching: Speaking on the mob lynching of Muslim youth on the suspicion of theft the PM said: “The lynching in Jharkhand has pained me. It has saddened others too. But, some people in the Rajya Sabha are calling Jharkhand a hub of lynching. Is this fair? Why are they insulting a state? None of us have the right to insult the state of Jharkhand.”

NRC: Modi accused the Congress of not taking credit for NRC. He said, “You take credit for everything, will you not take credit for NRC? Rajiv Gandhi had accepted NRC in the Assam accord. The Supreme Court had to intervene. Also, SC directed us so we have implemented it. So why are you not taking credit for this?”

Encephalitis Deaths In Bihar: Speaking about the deaths in Bihar, where over 130 kids have died due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, the PM said that the deaths in Bihar “are unfortunate and a matter of shame for us”.

Water Crisis: Speaking on water shortage aggravated by the delayed monsoon, the PM said that 226 districts in the country are facing a water crisis. He said, “I am trying to mobilize everyone to tackle this, how we can give priority to water in MPLAD funds. We also have to make society aware of water issues. A Jal Shakti ministry has also been set up.”

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