Twitch suspended one of its most popular streamers after he livestreamed from the bathrooms at the biggest gaming event of the year

Doctor Disrespect Dr

  • Herschel “Guy” Beahm, better known as “Dr Disrespect” has been banned from Twitch after he livestreamed from a public restroom at E3, a massive video game conference.
  • With more than three million followers Dr Disrespect has one of the most popular channels on Twitch, the video game streaming platform owned by Amazon.
  • Twitch has not made it clear whether Dr Disrespect’s channel is permanently banned or simply suspended, but streaming the inside of a public restroom seems to be in violation the company’s harassment policy.
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One of the most popular channels on Twitch has been suspended after livestreaming footage from public bathrooms at a major gaming event. On June 11th, Herschel “Guy” Beahm, who goes by the handle “Dr Disrespect” on Twitch, livestreamed several times from a public restroom at E3 in Los Angeles.

Twitch, the video game streaming platform owned by Amazon, suspended Dr Disrespect’s channel shortly after the bathroom footage was broadcast. The platform has not confirmed that this was the reason for the suspension, but filming from a public restroom would seem to violate Twitch’s harassment policy.

Twitch has not issued an official statement explaining its decision, or whether the Dr Disrespect channel has been permanently banned, or merely suspended temporarily. However, Twitch’s harassment policies specifically forbid streamers from recording someone against their will. Furthermore, filming the inside of a bathroom could be a violation of California’s privacy laws.

With more than 3 million followers, Dr Disrespect has one of the most popular channels on the platform, and his live streams bring in tens of thousands of viewers at any given time.

Known for his long mullet, thick mustache and signature sunglasses, Dr Disrespect promoted his trip to E3 as his first “in real life” (IRL) stream. The channel had roughly 60,000 thousand viewers as he toured E3, and Reddit uses report that Dr Disrespect visited the restroom four times during the livestream.Dr. Disrespect Bathroom

In the footage, Dr Disrespect is seen walking into several public men’s restrooms at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Other people were present in the restrooms, including someone who appeared to be a child, who was using a urinal. While he doesn’t interact with other people in the bathroom, Dr Disrespect speaks directly to the camera.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta take a diarrhea, I’ll be right back,” Dr Disrespect said in one clip before stepping into the stall.

The camera operator also hovered close to several people using urinals as Dr Disrespect used the bathroom, in clips from the stream viewed by Business Insider.

Kotaku reports that Dr Disrespect’s E3 badge has also been revoked, so he will no longer be attending this year’s conference. Neither Twitch or Dr Disrespect have responded to requests for comment.

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